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Special interest groups with the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) work hard to promote high standards of rehabilitation practice, education, and research among interdisciplinary professionals and colleagues.

At ACRM, we have many different special interest groups you can join, including the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG). This group holds two meetings each year: a membership meeting at the ACRM Spring Meeting and the BI-ISIG Summit at the ACRM Annual Conference. For medical professionals interested in rehabilitation medicine and brain injury, BI-ISIG is the right option. Learn reasons to join BI-ISIG here, and become a member today.

BI-ISIG Task Forces

Focus in on an area of rehabilitation medicine or research that interests you.

Within BI-ISIG, we have various task forces that will further specialize your rehabilitation research into a field that interests you:

We encourage all BI-ISIG members to participate in as many task forces as they would like. The BI-ISIG Executive Committee is also accepting proposals for task force project funding up to $1,000 per task force. Learn more about task forces and task force fund requests to get started today!

Continuing Education

Continue your education with CME/CEUs.

Here at ACRM, we’re committed to helping you continue your education. By joining BI-ISIG and contributing to rehabilitation medicine and research, you’ll have exclusive access to courses and more to continue your education.

Planning For Educational Courses

Lead and plan for courses for the ACRM Annual Conference.

Each year at the ACRM Annual Conference in the fall, BI-ISIG shares educational courses around the topic of brain injury, along with the accompanying task force focuses. By joining BI-ISIG, you can have the unique opportunity to plan for these educational courses.

Joint Research Opportunities

Contribute to rehabilitation research in your area of expertise.

One of our favorite aspects of all of the special interest groups within ACRM is your ability to contribute to rehabilitation research. You’ll work with other experts and medical professionals to develop cutting-edge research on a subject you’re passionate about.

Expanded Network

Network and connect with professionals in your field.

When you join ACRM, you rapidly expand your network to include medical professionals from all over the world. When you join BI-ISIG, you’ll hone in on your network and make sure it includes people who will help advance your career in specific ways — while also having fun with new friends and colleagues.
If you’ve been involved in cognitive rehabilitation or brain injury rehabilitation and would like to share your rehabilitation medicine, network with medical professionals, and have access to rehabilitation research opportunities, then ACRM and the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) is for you. Join today — right in time for the Spring Conference!