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The ACRM Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group (PRNG) invites your participation. Help identify the critical rehabilitation issues this group will address, recruit colleagues in the field, or step into a leadership role as chair of a task force.



Our mission is to facilitate meaningful interdisciplinary work that enhances the life of children and adolescents with functional limitations. The collaborative work of the PRNG members is meant to help develop well defined interventions and outcomes, prevent further impairment, reduce activity limitations, and minimize participation restrictions while maximizing growth and development of each child/adolescent served within the family, school, and community.

Contact Co-Chairs, Angela Hein Ciccia and Cristina Sadowsky to learn more.



Angela CicciaCO-CHAIR:  Angela Hein Ciccia, PhD, CCC-SLP
Assistant Professor
Case Western Reserve University
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Cristina SadowskyCO-CHAIR:  Cristina Sadowsky, MD
Clinical Director International Center for Spinal Cord Injury
Kennedy Krieger Institute
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Shelley Dean
Communications Officer: Shelley Dean, OTD, OTR/L
Crossway Pediatric Therapy

Robbie O'SheaCommunications Officer:  Robbie O’Shea, PT, DPT, PHD
Professor, Governors State University
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Leann KerrTechnology Networking Group Liaison: Leann N. Kerr, PT, DHS, CBIS
Assistant Professor, Bellarmine University
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Glendaliz BosquesProgram Committee Liaison: Glendaliz Bosques Mendez, MD
Assistant Professor, University of Texas - Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)
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Christina KokorelisEarly Career Networking Group Liaison: Christina Kokorelis, MD
Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins Hospital
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Listen to Our Stories Podcast

In collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, the Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group is recording a series of podcasts to highlight the personal journeys of pediatric rehabilitation professionals to inspire your own path and enhance a sense of professional community. Your host, Dr. Angela Ciccia will feature guests across various areas of specialty and delve into what drives and motivates each guest in their daily work-life. Join us!

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PRNG Newsletter

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ACRM 2018 Call for Proposals

2018 ACRM Call for Proposals

The Program Committee invites proposals focused on research evidence and its translation into clinical practice for presentation at the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference in Dallas.

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How to Join the Networking Group

One of the most valuable benefits of ACRM membership is the opportunity to participate in the many interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG) and networking groups.



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How to Participate

Join a Task Force or 2018 Work Group!

  • Pediatric Rehabilitative Outcomes Task Force

    Cristina Sadowsky

    Cristina Sadowsky

    CO-CHAIRS: Cristina Sadowsky, MD
    Beth Warnken, MOT, OTR/L
    We are looking for PRNG current and “wanna be” members who are interested in pediatric outcomes.

    Documenting meaningful functional outcomes in pediatric rehabilitation is challenging and, frequently, disease specific. Long term follow up is challenging, given the multitude of scales and measuring tools, their reliability and validity, age and diagnosis specificity. This task force’s main goal is to create a comprehensive list of validated outcomes, disease and age specific and propose a streamlined approach for long term functional follow up.

    Proposed steps in the process:

    1. Comprehensive review of evidence based literature looking at existing disease and function specific outcomes
    2. Critical analysis and streamlining of those outcomes that are robust enough to apply longitudinally over time and across diagnosis
  • Gloria Vergara-Diaz

    Gloria Vergara-Diaz

    Technology in Pediatric Populations With Disabilities Task Force

    CHAIR: Gloria Vergara-Diaz

    Technology is developing at an extremely rapid pace. There is an opportunity to leverage this technology to improve patient care as long as we understand the capabilities and limitations of the available technology and identify patient needs. This task force was put in place for a specific purpose: to maximize the therapeutic potential of technology in pediatric populations with disabilities.

    The mission of the task force is to facilitate the development and integration of technology in the assessment of functions and symptoms as well as in the delivery of therapeutic interventions in pediatric populations with disability. To that end, the group will first develop a list of priority areas within which technology could have a significant impact. We will then review the currently available scientific evidence and identify knowledge gaps as well as present challenges and opportunities on how to use the technology.

    First Project: Literature review related to activity/exercise monitoring in pediatric populations with disability, and with that knowledge identify gaps and present challenges and opportunities on how to use the technology. Write a paper including our findings.

    Timeline: Literature Review done by July. Paper submitted by the time of the ACRM conference in September/October 2018.

    First official in person meeting: ACRM 2018 Conference in Dallas, September/October (date TBD).

  • Glendaliz Bosques Mendez

    Glendaliz Bosques Mendez

    Web Resources Work Group

    CONTACT: Glendaliz Bosques Mendez, MD

  • Robbie O'Shea

    Robbie O'Shea

    Shelley Dean

    Shelley Dean

    Peer/Parent Experiences Work Group - Pediatric Rehab

    CONTACT: Shelley Dean, OTD, OTR/L
    Robbie O’Shea, PT, DPT, PHD

  • Janet Niemeier

    Janet Niemeier

    Gender Differences in Pediatric TBI: Pre & Post Puberty Work Group

    CONTACT: Janet Niemeier, PhD, ABPP-RP, OPR

  • Shelley Dean

    Shelley Dean

    Perinatal CVA Work Group

    CONTACT: Shelley Dean, OTD, OTR/L (Sathya Vadivelu)

  • Drew Nagele

    Drew Nagele

    Workforce for People with Disabilities

    CONTACT: Drew Nagele, PsyD, CBIST – Workforce Investment Opportunity Act
    Source America: manages $10 billion (12% of the national budget) with mission to employ people with disabilities.

  • Angela Ciccia

    Angela Ciccia

    PRNG Fundraising Project Work Group – T-shirts

    CONTACT:  Angela Ciccia, PhD, CCC-SLP

  • Volunteers for Podcast Feedback

    CONTACT: Angela Ciccia, PhD, CCC-SLP


Pediatric Highlights of 2017 ACRM Annual Conference


2017 Pediatric Rehabilitation Award Lecture

Stacy Suskauer

Stacy Suskauer, MD
Associate Professor
Kennedy Krieger Institute

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group is pleased to honor Stacy Suskauer, MD with the 2017 Pediatric Rehabilitation Award for her outstanding contributions to the field. Dr. Suskauer presented the award lecture, Pediatric Concussion: What Science Tells us About the Art of Management at the ACRM Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, 26 OCT 2017.


Stacy Suskauer, MD, is a research scientist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is co-director of the Center for Brain Injury Recovery at the Institute and an associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Suskauer attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina for her undergraduate and medical education. She completed a combined residency program in pediatrics and physical medicine and rehabilitation at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati. She came to Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins for a pediatric rehabilitation research fellowship and subsequently joined the faculty of these institutions in 2007.


"Dr. Suskauer is an innovative clinician and researcher in the area of pediatric brain injury and I look forward to hearing about her recent work."


—Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2017 Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Pediatric Brain Injury Symposium

Lyn Turkstra

Lyn Turkstra

Social Communication in Adolescents with Brain Injury: What Would Mark Do?

Lyn Turkstra, PhD
Professor and Assistant Dean, Speech-Language Pathology
McMaster University

This lecture honors the work of Dr. Mark Ylvisaker, a pioneer in rehabilitation of children and adolescents with brain injury and champion of intervention grounded in everyday life. This talk was presented at the ACRM Annual Conference in Atlanta on 26 October 2017, showing how Dr. Ylvisaker's ideas shaped current principles of rehabilitation for adolescents with brain injury, and inform intervention for all youth with cognitive and communication challenges.


Angela Ciccia

Angela Ciccia

"Dr. Turkstra's work is seamlessly aligned with all that Dr. Ylvisaker advocated for in the care of those with brain injury. I am thrilled she will be speaking at this year's ACRM Conference."


—Angela Ciccia, PhD, Case Western Reserve University



Dr. Turkstra is Assistant Dean and Professor of Speech-Language Pathology in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences, and is a speech-language pathologist by training. Her research and clinical aim is to advance knowledge and intervention for adolescents and adults with neurological communication disorders. Dr. Turkstra’s studies focus on links between cognitive function and social communication in individuals with acquired brain injury, and she collaborates on development of evidence-informed practice standards to translate research findings into improved clinical practice. Dr. Turkstra is an author on over 85 peer-reviewed publications, including evidence-based practice guidelines for intervention in acquired brain injury.


Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa

Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa

"Dr. Turkstra worked with Mark Ylvisaker to change the world of social aspects of communication after TBI. Come listen to her enlightening talk about incorporating Mark’s principles into current practice."

—Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, PhD,  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Learn More About Mark Ylvisaker >>


Jessica Jarvis2017 Pediatric Rehab Networking Group Poster Award

Determinants of Change in Home Participation Among Critically Ill Children
First Author: Jessica Jarvis

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