ACRM Spinal Cord Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (SCI-ISIG)

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EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Save the date and plan to attend the SCI-ISIG Membership Meeting at the ACRM 2018 Conference in Dallas. It’s a great opportunity to network with spinal cord injury colleagues from all disciplines, meet your next mentor, collaborator, employer, or funder and learn how to participate in the SCI-ISIG. Check out the conference program for Spinal Cord Injury >>


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The Spinal Cord Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (SCI-ISIG) is a community of interdisciplinary professionals who work to enhance educational and networking opportunities for ACRM members interested in SCI, and to advance clinical practice to improve the lives of people with SCI.



The mission of the SCI-ISIG is to advance the field of SCI rehabilitation and research by:

  • Providing opportunities for professional development
  • Advocating for standards of practice and research
  • Supporting a forum for interdisciplinary and international exchange and collaboration




  • Advance SCI research and promote research collaboration
  • Establish an interdisciplinary research agenda
  • Promote translation of evidence to enhance clinical expertise and practice


  • Conduct state-of-the-art reviews of practice in spinal cord care
  • Enhance competencies of an interdisciplinary team member in SCI rehabilitation


  • Participate in continuing education offerings specific to the interests of SCI researchers and clinicians
  • Plan an educational course for the ACRM annual meeting, Progress in Rehabilitation Research
  • Develop and receive informational and instructional media

Become involved in an SCI-ISIG task force by contacting the task force chair.




2018 Call for Nominations

The SCI-ISIG is now accepting nominations for three officer positions on the SCI-ISIG Executive Committee. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged, as are peer nominations of SCI-ISIG members. SCI-ISIG leadership opportunities are open only to ACRM members-in-good-standing.


Nomination should be submitted to Yuying Chen by 31 July 2018. Please include the following information:
  • Candidates name and credentials (degrees)
  • Candidate’s job title and affiliation
  • Position for which you are nominating the candidate


  • Maintains a correct and permanent record of the meetings and transactions of the SCI-ISIG
  • Reviews and periodically updates the SCI-ISIG Rules of Governance
Early Career Officer – Must be within 5 years of the completion of his or her post-graduate training at the time of his/her election.
  • Acts as liaison between the ACRM Early Career Networking Group and the SCI-ISIG
  • Reports on early career ACRM membership needs and concerns
Communications Officer
  • Assists with SCI-ISIG communications via print, electronic, website, and social media
  • Leads and appoints members to the Media and Marketing Committee

SCI PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS – 2018 Annual Conference



Sam Schmidt to present ACRM plenary

PLENARY III: Breaking Barriers; Sam Schmidt and the SAM Car Project

Presenter: Sam Schmidt, MBA photo
Hear the inspirational voice of Sam Schmidt, an individual with spinal cord injury (SCI) related paralysis, who used his Indianapolis 500 racecar driving success to “drive” the field of SCI research, technology and participation with the advanced technological SAM car. Participants will learn about the human-machine interface employed by the SAM car and how Arrow Electronics plans to transition SAM car technology to the disability field. Learn More >>


SCI Special Symposium featuring Gerben DeJong

SPECIAL SYMPOSIUM: Health Care Reform and Rehabilitation for People with Spinal Cord Injury

Presenter: Gerben DeJong, PhD, FACRM

The health care system is complex and does not always meet the needs of people with SCI or rehabilitation practitioners. This talk will give historical perspective on how we came to where we are today, highlight examples of innovative policies and service delivery models that may warrant scaling up, and provide suggestions for how to best advocate for change with policy-makers. Learn More >>


SCI Lecture Luncheon featuring Katherine Froehlich-Grobe

SCI-ISIG Lecture Luncheon

Best Practices for Designing and Studying Behavioral Interventions for People with Physical Disabilities

Presenter: Katherine Froehlich-Grobe, PhD

Many desired rehabilitation outcomes require that people with disabilities make behavioral changes. Implementing new patterns of behavior pose challenges for everyone, yet people with SCI also face unique personal and environmental barriers that impact this process. Conducting research that targets behavior change for those with SCI requires researchers to consider how barriers (e.g., transportation, inaccessible environments) may impact their ability to participate in research. In this talk, Dr. Froehlich-Grobe will present lessons learned from her extensive experience developing and testing theory-based interventions to promote physical activity, exercise, and healthy diet and weight in people with SCI and other disabilities. Learn More >>


IC35: The Adaptive Sport Symposium: Promoting Health and Wellness through Adaptive Sports

IC35: The Adaptive Sport Symposium: Promoting Health and Wellness through Adaptive Sports


  • Lindsay Ramey, MD
  • Jason Smith, PhD, ABPP
  • Robert Rinaldi, MD, FAAPMR
  • Darlene Hunter, PhD
  • Jason Petrasic, MD

The adaptive sports symposium is a special feature of ACRM. It includes an overview of the benefits and barriers to adaptive sports participation, practical examples of how to improve awareness and access in your local community and demonstrations of more than 10 different adaptive sports. It will feature healthcare specialists and Paralympic athletes. ACRM members are also eligible to attend the UT Southwestern Adaptive Sports EXPO for free on Saturday, April 29th at the University of Texas Arlington, Maverick Activities Center. This event features interactive demonstrations of more than 20 different sports—free shuttle service from the hotel will be provided. Learn More >>


IC30: Stimulation Paradigms and Parameters After Spinal Cord Injury

IC30: Stimulation Paradigms and Parameters After Spinal Cord Injury


  • Ashraf Gorgey, MPT, PhD, FACSM
  • T. Ann McElroy, PTA, AS

This symposium will provide hands-on training on a few of the commercially available stimulators to enable clinicians, researchers and consumers to safely handle electrical stimulation units to maximize muscle health after SCI. This workshop will serve as the basis for many disciplines who are willing to start an effective rehabilitation program using the technology of electrical stimulation, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, and exercise physiologists. The target audience will also include researchers and consumers who are likely to expand and benefit from applications of electrical stimulation. Learn More >>

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Seeking Members for Media & Marketing Committee

The SCI-ISIG is now seeking members for the newly formed Media and Marketing Committee. The purpose of this committee is to help identify and contribute SCI content to ACRM publications, website, and social media. If you want to make a difference for the SCI-ISIG and work with great ACRM colleagues, please volunteer!

Submit questions and nominations to Dr. Sue Ann Sisto, SCI-ISIG Communications Officer. We are looking forward to working with you and are available for any questions you may have about involvement with the SCI-ISIG.




Jeanne Zanca

CHAIR: Jeanne M. Zanca, PhD, MPT
Senior Research Scientist
Kessler Foundation
LinkedIn Profile


Yuying Chen

PAST CHAIR: Yuying Chen, MD, PhD
Chair, SCI-ISIG Nominating Committee
Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Alabama at Birmingham


Ceren Yarar-Fisher

CHAIR-ELECT: Ceren Yarar-Fisher, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University of Alabama at Birmingham
LinkedIn Profile


Denise Fyffe

SECRETARY: Denise Fyffe, PhD
Research Scientist
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
LinkedIn Profile


Swati Mehta

Research Associate
Parkwood Institute
ResearchGate Profile


Sue Ann Sisto

Chair, SCI-ISIG Media & Marketing Committee
Chair of Rehabilitation Science
University of Buffalo
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  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Opportunity to plan educational courses for the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Task Force participation
  • Collaborative research opportunities


The opportunity to participate in more than 20 specialized ACRM community groups, including interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG), networking groups and forming groups, is one of the most valuable benefits of ACRM membership.

Individual membership is available at various levels and includes a subscription to the most-cited journal in rehabilitation, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and discounted member pricing on all ACRM products and events. MORE >>>

ACRM institutional membership provides substantial discounts on all ACRM products and educational events, custom sponsorship and marketing opportunities, and the benefit of affiliation with the world’s largest association for interdisciplinary rehabilitation research. MORE >>> 



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Work of the SCI-ISIG is carried out by its various task forces, which promote cutting-edge research, establish standards of care in SCI rehabilitation, and offer an interdisciplinary forum for development of state-of-the-art SCI rehabilitation practice.


SCI FES Task Force header 1422x189

Functional Electrical Stimulation & Technology Task Force


JOIN US IN DALLAS:  1 OCT // 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Save the date and plan to attend the SCI-ISIG Functional Electrical Stimulation & Technology Task Force Meeting at the ACRM 2018 Conference in Dallas. It’s a great opportunity to network with spinal cord injury rehab colleagues who share your interests, meet your next mentor, collaborator, employer, or funder and learn how to participate in the SCI-ISIG. Check out conference programming for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation  >>


The mission of our task force is to promote high quality research and evidence-based clinical applications of FES and other technologies for people with SCI. We also aim to raise awareness among clinicians and rehabilitation specialists about daily applications of functional electrical stimulation (FES) in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI). This may include the recommended sessions, frequency of applications and the effective parameters based on the goal of therapy and the clinical characteristics (age, body fatness, level of injury, time since injury) of persons with SCI. Our mission was recently expanded to incorporate technology.

View current projects and learn how to get involved >>

Ashraf GorgeyCHAIR: Ashraf S. Gorgey, MPT, PhD, FACSM
Chief of Spinal Cord Injury Research, Hunter Holmes McGuire Medical Center
Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
LinkedIn Profile


Secondary Complications & Aging Task Force



The mission of the Secondary Complications & Aging Task Force is to promote healthy aging among people with SCI and assist the prevention and management of secondary complications of SCI through education, research, and policy.

View current projects and learn how to get involved >>

Jeanne ZancaCHAIR: Jeanne M. Zanca, PhD, MPT

Senior Research Scientist
Kessler Foundation
LinkedIn Profile



SCI Fitness & Wellness Task Force header 1422x189

Fitness & Wellness Task Force



The mission of the Fitness & Wellness Task Force is to enhance the health and wellness of people with spinal cord injury through the development and implementation of evidence-based physical fitness and health initiatives created by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers in the field of spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

View current projects and learn how to get involved >>


Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Shepherd Center
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Hanna MercierCO-CHAIR: Hannah Mercier, PhD, OTR/L

Clinical Specialist, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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SCI Womens Health Task Force header 1422x189

Women’s Health Task Force



The mission of the Women’s Health Task Force (WHTF) is to raise awareness, facilitate collaborative research, apply knowledge, and improve women’s health and quality of life following SCI.

View current projects and learn how to get involved >>

Heather TaylorCO-CHAIR: Heather Taylor, PhD

Director for Spinal Cord Injury Research
TIRR Memorial Hermann
LinkedIn Profile


Stephanie SilveiraCO-CHAIR: Stephanie L Silveira, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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    The Guide describes ACRM products, e.g., fact sheets, journal articles, manuals, and the procedure used by ACRM groups and committees to develop them. Includes a Product Development Worksheet and a Product Review Request Form.
    Bylaws for the SCI-ISIG may be found in the ACRM Policies & Procedures Manual. To review the manual, please login to the Member Portal. In the left navigation, select “Members ONLY Access” and click the hyperlink for the Policies & Procedures Manual.