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Stroke-ISIG 2022 Call for Nominations is Now Closed

Election Ballot was sent to each Stroke-ISIG member in good standing via Survey Monkey.

Deadline to respond is May 31, 2022

The ACRM Stroke Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (Stroke-ISIG) 2022 Call for Nominations is open for one position on the Stroke-ISIG Executive Committee, including:

• Chair Elect

Thank you for your help in choosing the leadership of our community group!

Nomination Procedure-is Now Closed for 2022

All candidates must be or become active ACRM members in good standing and current member of the Stroke-ISIG. All nominations should be emailed to Mark Kovic, Nominating Committee Chair, and Stroke -ISIG Past Chair and to include the following:

  • The Officer position for which the candidate is nominated
  • The name of the candidate, with credentials
  • Candidate’s title and affiliation
  • Candidate’s CV


  • Active ACRM member in good standing and member of Stroke-ISIG
  • Knowledgeable about and supportive of the ACRM & Stroke-ISIG mission and objectives
  • Demonstrate a special commitment to ACRM & Stroke-ISIG through tenure of membership and participation in the organization
  • Ability to accomplish tasks on schedule and to work effectively with other people
  • Understand and agree to the necessary commitment of time and community activities

The successful officers will assume their positions during the Stroke-ISIG meeting which occurs during the ACRM Annual Conference on 6-8 November at the Chicago Hilton, following notification and confirmation of acceptance.

Roles & Responsibilities


Chair-Elect (runs unopposed in 2022)


The Chair-Elect shall act to obtain the greatest possible acquaintanceship with the affairs and membership of the Stroke-ISIG so as to effectively and efficiently fulfill the office of Chair upon his/her succession.  The Chair-Elect will coordinate with the Secretary and National Office to identify and recognize persons (as appropriate) in the Stroke-ISIG anniversaries (e.g. appreciation certificates or publication in Stroke Matters). The Chair-Elect will also serve as Chair of the Stroke-ISIG Nominating Committee.  The Chair-Elect shall preside at general or business meetings in the absence of the Chair and shall succeed to the office of the Chair in the event of removal of the Chair for reasons stated within the Rules of Governance.


The Chair-Elect holds office for one to two (1-2) years.  At the end of his/her term, the Chair –Elect will automatically assume the Chair position for two years at the conclusion of the annual business meeting.