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ACRM Communities

ACRM Task Force Index


A primary force advancing the mission of ACRM is the dedicated volunteers working within ACRM community groups. Each interdisciplinary special interest group (ISIG) and networking group is a unique community where like-minded, yet specialized health care and research colleagues network and collaborate to improve the lives of people living with disabling conditions.

Most ISIGs and networking groups are comprised of task forces focused on specific topics or projects. As an ACRM member, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in existing task forces of interest or propose and lead the development of a new one.



The Task Force Index is designed to help members collaborate with colleagues active in ISIGs and networking groups outside of their own by providing access to all task forces related to a common topic.

  • Click on a topic below to find all related task forces.
  • Then, click on a task force link to visit the group’s webpage and learn about their mission and current projects.
  • Identify and contact the task force chair to learn about opportunities to join or collaborate.

CHANGE REQUESTS: If you are the chair of a task force that is not correctly listed in the index, please contact Terri Compos to request changes.