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SCI-ISIG Call for Nominations is Now Closed


Welcoming the incoming BI-ISIG Executive Committee effective 2022 Summit at the ACRM Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois:

Denise Fyffe, PhD

Chair Elect
Catherine Vanderwerker, PT, PhD, DPT, NCS

Jia Li, PhD

Communications Officer
Sue Ann Sisto, PT, MA, PhD, FACRM

Early Career Officer
Nathan Hogaboom, PhD

Social Media Officer and Webinar Officer
Hope Jervis Rademeyer, MPT, PhD(c)




All candidates must be or become active ACRM members in good standing and current members of the SCI-ISIG. All nominations should be emailed to Ceren Yarar-Fisher, Nominating Committee Chair and SCI-ISIG Past Chair, and must include the following:

  • The Officer position for which the candidate is nominated
  • The name of the candidate, with credentials
  • Candidate’s title and affiliation
  • Candidate’s CV


Criteria for SCI-ISIG Executive Committee Members

  • Active ACRM member in good standing and member of SCI-ISIG
  • Knowledgeable about and supportive of the ACRM & SCI-ISIG mission and objectives
  • Demonstrates a special commitment to ACRM & SCI-ISIG through tenure of membership and participation in the organization
  • Able to accomplish tasks on schedule and to work effectively with other people
  • Understands and agrees to the necessary commitment of time and community activities

The successful officers will assume their positions during the SCI-ISIG meeting which occurs during the ACRM Annual Conference on 6-8 November at the Chicago Hilton, following notification and confirmation of acceptance.


2023 Elections will launch in January for the following positions:


Membership Officer

The Membership Officer shall act as liaison between the ACRM National Office and the SCI-ISIG regarding the roster of members in good standing of the SCI-ISIG and the ACRM and provide a full membership report to the membership at the annual business meeting. The Membership Officer will represent the SCI-ISIG at meetings of the ACRM Membership Committee (or make alternative arrangements for representation as needed). The Membership Officer shall oversee that a SCI-ISIG membership of 30 or more persons is maintained by the ACRM National Office and that an ongoing campaign is maintained to promote SCI-ISIG membership in order to enhance its ability to fulfill its stated objectives. The Membership Officer shall promote ACRM and SCI-ISIG membership with SCI-ISIG Only participants who attend SCI-ISIG meetings while monitoring that SCI-ISIG Only status does not exceed the period of time permitted by the ACRM Rules of Governance.

The Membership Officer holds office for two (2) years. This position can be extended for two (2) optional two-year terms if agreed upon by the Membership Officer and Executive Board and voted upon by the general membership.