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ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training


ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual & Textbook Second Edition


ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Manual Second Edition

The ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual & Textbook Second Edition represents an exhaustive update and expansion of the previous volume, organized as a graduate-level textbook with extensive instructor resources. New content is based on the most recently published evidence-based review (Cicerone et al. 2019) and includes 12 new or updated treatment recommendations and five new chapters that address function neuroanatomy, single-case methodology for clinical practice, group and comprehensive holistic rehabilitation, implementing and individualizing interventions, and an overview of web-based and other resources.

We have integrated updated content throughout the original six first-edition chapters; these include an introductory chapter on conceptualizing, planning and goal-setting for individualized cognitive rehabilitation interventions, and dedicated chapters on implementing evidence-based interventions for impairments in attention, memory, executive functioning, visuospatial functions and apraxia, and social communication.


Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual - Second Edition