Distinguished Member Award

Distinguished Member Award


Established in 1988, the Distinguished Member Award honors an ACRM member who significantly contributes to the development and functioning of ACRM. Qualified nominees are ACRM members who provide extraordinary service as a member or chair of a committee, task force, ISIG, or networking group. These individuals demonstrate leadership and organizational abilities, and exemplify public service.


Angela Ciccia

Angela Hein Ciccia, PhD, CCC-SLP

Congratulations to 2017 Award Recipient

ACRM is pleased to recognize Angela Hein Ciccia, PhD, CCC-SLP, as the 2017 ACRM Distinguished Member.

Dr. Ciccia is an Association Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences, Communication Sciences Program at Case Western Reserve University. Her research focuses on exploring the barriers to pediatric rehabilitation for children with acquired neurogenic conditions, including brain injury, especially for high-risk, low-income groups. Additionally, she investigates how novel service delivery models could address these barriers. Dr. Ciccia has been an invited speaker in the area of pediatric traumatic brain injury at the local and national levels.

Dr. Ciccia is the founding Chair, and the current Co-Chair, for the Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group and a member of the Pediatric/Adolescent TBI Task Force of ACRM. She is the host of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking group podcast and is an author on the first publication by the Pediatric/Adolescent TBI Task Force. Dr. Ciccia has also served on the Program Committee of ACRM as a representative for pediatric rehabilitation.  Additionally, she is actively involved with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Special Interest Group (SIG) 2 (Neurogenic Communication Disorders), as a member of the Coordinating Committee and the Editor for the SIG 2 component of the publication of Perspectives.




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Nomination instructions and deadlines

Submit a nomination to the Awards Committee by emailing Terri Compos, Community Relations Manager.

Distinguished Members Award


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