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The ACRM Board of Governors is pleased to introduce the 20th ACRM Community, the Lifestyle Medicine Networking Group (LMNG), led by Chair, Elizabeth Frates, MD and Secretary, James E. Eubanks, Jr. 

The group’s leaders have come together to fill a gap in the current ACRM offerings and will work to collaborate with established ACRM networking groups and attract new members interested in exercise, diet, sleep, stress management, and social connection. Contact the chair to learn more and get involved!



To help integrate the practice to lifestyle medicine into the practice of physiatry for physicians, therapists, nurses, social workers, and other allied health professionals. LMNG will attract the best clinicians and researchers in the world to promote and study interdisciplinary lifestyle medicine for rehabilitation. LMNG will use the information from research and collaboration to reduce the emotional and physical suffering associated with lifestyle-related diseases such as stroke, diabetes, cardiac disease, obesity, arthritis, cancer, and others. LMNG recognizes that lifestyle choices are a major cause of morbidity, mortality, and disability, and thus recognizes that ACRM is the best organization to advance interdisciplinary research and education.

Lifestyle Medicine Group hexagon logo graphicEXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


Elizabeth FratesCHAIR: Elizabeth Frates, MD

Director of Wellness Programming
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
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James EubanksSECRETARY:  James Eubanks, DC, MS

Medical Student
Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
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  1. Review and recommend potential research directions and priorities from the Lifestyle Medicine perspective to the ACRM Board and for conference activities.
  2. Advocate for institutions and individuals leading the Lifestyle Medicine movement to join ACRM and participate at annual conferences and Mid-Year Meetings when feasible.
  3. Publish informative articles in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with international perspective/relevance.
  4. Prepare and submit papers and presentations at meetings in specific identified areas of Lifestyle Medicine, such as exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, resiliency, self-care, prevention of burnout and social connection.
  5. Provide updated information and/or resources and develop ACRM products related to Lifestyle Medicine.
  6. Foster multi-center and multi-site studies and databases in Lifestyle Medicine in the rehabilitation setting.
  7. Recruit members of the Lifestyle Medicine Group and ACRM.
  8. Submit an annual vision cast to the Board as specified by ACRM Policy and Procedures.
  9. Engage in additional goals or projects at the request of the ACRM Board.



Culinary Medicine Task Force

Lifestyle Medicine Group Task Force Culinary Medicine header

CHAIR: Rani Polak, MD, Chef, MBA
CHEF Coaching Program Director
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
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To improve health and quality of life of patients being cared for by rehabilitation teams through Culinary Medicine by both advocacy and sharing updates, research, guidelines, and recommendations throughout the rehabilitation network.


To integrate the highest quality Culinary Medicine (i.e., skills based nutrition education) care to rehabilitation processes by providing educational offerings to clinicians, research collaborations, and clinical and policy resources that are driven by evidence, and diffused by recognized experts.


  • To advocate the power of culinary education and ignite interest in culinary medicine.
  • To cultivate a large membership of over 30.
  • To meet at annual ACRM meetings and conferences.
  • To hold a spot in the ACRM Annual Conference’s Lifestyle Medicine track.
  • To peruse publishable projects on a yearly basis.
  • To contribute to the Lifestyle Medicine Group pre-conference course.
  • To explore the benefits of adding culinary experts to the rehabilitation team.