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Culinary Medicine Task Force


***This Task Force-Task Force has met it’s objectives and no longer meets***


To improve health and quality of life of patients being cared for by rehabilitation teams through Culinary Medicine by both advocacy and sharing updates, research, guidelines, and recommendations throughout the rehabilitation network.



To integrate the highest quality Culinary Medicine (i.e., skills based nutrition education) care to rehabilitation processes by providing educational offerings to clinicians, research collaborations, and clinical and policy resources that are driven by evidence, and diffused by recognized experts.



  • To advocate the power of culinary education and ignite interest in culinary medicine.
  • To cultivate a large membership of over 30.
  • To meet at annual ACRM meetings and conferences.
  • To hold a spot in the ACRM Annual Conference’s Lifestyle Medicine track.
  • To peruse publishable projects on a yearly basis.
  • To contribute to the Lifestyle Medicine Group pre-conference course.
  • To explore the benefits of adding culinary experts to the rehabilitation team.




Rani Polak, MD, Chef, MBACHEF

Rani Polak, MD, Chef, MBACHEF


Coaching Program Director
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital