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Rehabilitation in neurodegenerative conditions is getting increasing attention as an effective treatment to maintain independence and decrease disability. The ACRM Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group (NDNG) has the goal of promoting and facilitating neurodegenerative rehabilitation research and scholarship. As one of the leading neurodegenerative diseases groups in the USA, our mission is to rapidly disseminate knowledge on evidence-based practice for improved health, wellness, and quality of life; and promote innovative biomedical research to identify ways in which these goals can be better translated into clinical practice through physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The NDNG promotes research on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson disease and many other important neurodegenerative conditions. The NDNG values, commits to, and advocates for inclusion, diversity and equality in research development and practice.

Call for Abstracts for a Supplemental Issue of ARCHIVES

Lifestyle factors in the health and wellbeing of individuals with neurodegenerative diseases

A growing body of evidence suggests that associations between lifestyle factors including exercise, diet, sleep, healthy life habits, and stress management are crucial in understanding the development, progression, and management of many neurodegenerative diseases (ND) including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. To effectively promote resilience and management against of symptomatology progression related to ND, research should examine the interaction between disease development, progression, and personal lifestyle.

We invite your submissions for a special supplement to the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation that will bring together international and interdisciplinary perspectives on the topic of lifestyle behaviors and models of lifestyle-dependent risk and resilience in people with ND. The deadline for submissions is 1 November 2023.



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Thank you for being a part of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group! We love that the ACRM attracts the most passionate interdisciplinary mix of rehabilitation pros from around the world. What an honor to collaborate with such driven individuals. We hope to meet with you at our upcoming networking group meeting to discuss current projects and opportunities for contribution and collaboration.

ACRM Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group
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Join us this month to discuss the 2024 ACRM Annual Conference, Task Force updates, and new projects. We welcome your participation.

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DATE: Meeting the Third Monday of Every Other Month (Even months, February, April, June, August, October, December)
TIME:  10:30 AM ET

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Meeting ID: 869 5574 9710
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NDNG Mission

The NDNG strives to provide a comprehensive professional resource to our members to grow an international, trans-professional, membership of rehabilitation researchers, clinicians, educators, administrators, decision-makers, and consumers to advance their work and collaborations related to the science and clinical practice of neurodegenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington’s disease (HD), Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

The NDNG has the goal to improve our patient care by impacting positively their health, function, and quality of life, and influence health policy and reimbursement in order to provide premier quality rehabilitation services for our patients and their caregivers.

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2022 Attendees of the ACRM Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group Business Meeting in Chicago