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NDNG Opportunities & Accomplishments


The NDNG prides itself on having volunteers who serve as liaisons on task forces and committees across ACRM.  The assistance of our members enables the NDNG to help further the mission of this specialized group to inform others around the world of advances in rehabilitation research and clinical care for all individuals living with neurodegenerative conditions.

Here is a sample of opportunities to participate:

  • Serve on the NDNG Executive Committee and/or task forces
  • Participate in research collaborations
  • Develop or participate in continuing education activities
  • Help plan educational programs and presentations on neurodegenetive diseases topics for the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Develop industry partnerships

How does ACRM Help Neurodegenerative Diseases?



  1. NDNG Bylaws proposal submitted and reviewed favorably
  2. Developed Communications Committee
  3. Developed Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders Task Force
  4. Joint NDNG & GRNG Luncheon
  5. Mentor Program with Career Development Networking Group
  6. Developed 3rd and 4th Annual Women in Rehabilitation Science Symposia
  7. Presented 3 Instructional Courses and 31 Symposia at the ACRM 2020 Conference
  8. Published 6 Information/Education Pages (I/EPs) in the Archives of PM&R
  9. Hosted 4 webinars


  • Over 630 NDNG members including 258 ACRM members
  • Unique Innovative Neurodegenerative publications ( i.e., IE Pages)
  • Non-stop content at the annual conference
  • A diverse and strong Neurodegenerative Task Forces representation
  • Specialized state-of-the-art  Instructional Courses and Symposia at ACRM Annual Conferences