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Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Archives) is the acclaimed international journal of ACRM covering the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation and allied disciplines.

Original articles report important trends and deliver authoritative information on the therapeutic utilization of physical behavioral and pharmaceutical agents in providing comprehensive care for individuals with chronic illness and disabilities.

According to the 2016 Journal Citation Reports just released, the Impact Factor for Archives increased by 19 percent over the previous year to 3.289. This is the 13th increase in 14 years, making Archives fifth out of 65 journals in the Rehabilitation category and 9th out of 82 in the Sports Sciences category. It also has the highest Impact Factor of all general Rehabilitation journals that are not discipline- or condition-specific.

With 20,209 lifetime citations, Archives is by far the most cited of all PM&R journals.

The Archives editors thank all of our authors, reviewers, editorial board members, and editorial office staff, and congratulate everyone on our shared success!



2016 Archives Elite Reviewers

Archives Elite Reviewers 2016

The Editorial Board congratulates the Archives’ 2016 Elite Reviewers. The designation of Elite Reviewer reflects the number, timeliness and quality of reviews contributed to the Archives as judged by the editors. We would not have achieved recognition as a leading rehabilitation journal and been able to contribute to the scientific literature without the dedicated support of our reviewers. Thank you for your many contributions to the peer review process.






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The November 2018 Issue (Volume 98, Issue 11) Has Published


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Here is a look at just some of what is available in the November issue:


Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Diffusion-Tensor Imaging Findings and Cognitive Function Following Hospitalized Mixed-Mechanism Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Lucy Oehr, Jacqueline Anderson


Robot-Assisted Training for People With Spinal Cord Injury: A Meta-Analysis
Eddy Y.Y. Cheung, Thomas K.W. Ng, Kevin K.K. Yu, Rachel L.C. Kwan, Gladys L.Y. Cheing


Robotic Gait Training for Individuals With Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Igor Carvalho, Sérgio Medeiros Pinto, Daniel das Virgens Chagas, Jomilto Luiz Praxedes dos Santos, Tainá de Sousa Oliveira, Luiz Alberto Batista


Featured Articles

Less Exercise and More Drugs: How a Low-Income Population Manages Chronic Pain
Barbara J. Turner, Natalia Rodriguez, Melissa A. Valerio, Yuanyuan Liang, Paula Winkler, Lisa Jackson


Associations Between Traumatic Brain Injury History and Future Headache Severity in Veterans: A Longitudinal Study
Pradeep Suri, Kelly Stolzmann, Katherine M. Iverson, Rhonda Williams, Mark Meterko, Kun Yan, Katelyn Gormley, Terri K. Pogoda


Robotic Resistance Treadmill Training Improves Locomotor Function in Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
Ming Wu, Janis Kim, Deborah J. Gaebler-Spira, Brian D. Schmit, Pooja Arora


Effects of Progressive Resistance Training on Cardiovascular Autonomic Regulation in Patients With Parkinson Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Hélcio Kanegusuku, Carla Silva-Batista, Tiago Peçanha, Alice Nieuwboer, Natan D. Silva Jr., Luiz A. Costa, Marco T. de Mello, Maria E. Piemonte, Carlos Ugrinowitsch, Cláudia L. Forjaz


Information/Education Page

What Is Mild Stroke?
Xiaolei Hu, Patricia C. Heyn, Jaclyn Schwartz, Pamela Roberts


Measurement Tool

Measurement Characteristics and Clinical Utility of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale in Individuals Experiencing Low Back Pain
Valerie J. Adams, Brianna Walker, Devin Jepson, Carly Cooper, Jordan Tyler, Derek Clewley, Sydney Rozenfeld, Kristian P. Nitsch



The October 2018 Issue (Volume 98, Issue 10) Has Published


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Here is a look at just some of what is available in the October issue:


Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Visual Utilization During Postural Control in Anterior Cruciate Ligament– Deficient and –Reconstructed Patients: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
Erik A. Wikstrom, Kyeongtak Song, Brian G. Pietrosimone, J. Troy Blackburn, Darin A. Padua


Components of Standing Postural Control Evaluated in Pediatric Balance Measures: A Scoping Review
Kathryn M. Sibley, Marla K. Beauchamp, Karen Van Ooteghem, Marie Paterson, Kristy D. Wittmeier


Effect of Exercise and Cognitive Training on Falls and Fall-Related Factors in Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review
Donald S. Lipardo, Anne Marie C. Aseron, Marcella M. Kwan, William W. Tsang


Featured Articles

Effect of Exercise and Cognitive Training on Falls and Fall-Related Factors in Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review
Elif Turgut, Irem Duzgun, Gul Baltaci


Randomized Trial on the Effects of Attentional Focus on Motor Training of the Upper Extremity Using Robotics With Individuals After Chronic Stroke
Grace J. Kim, Jim Hinojosa, Ashwini K. Rao, Mitchell Batavia, Michael W. O'Dell


Reducing Trunk Compensation in Stroke Survivors: A Randomized Crossover Trial Comparing Visual and Force Feedback Modalities
Bulmaro Adolfo Valdés, Andrea Nicole Schneider, H.F. Machiel Van der Loos


Information/Education Page

Accessing Respite Care for Persons With a Disability
Sheria G. Robinson-Lane


Measurement Tool

Measurement Characteristics and Clinical Utility of the Freezing of Gait Questionnaire in Individuals With Parkinson Disease
Sydney Rozenfeld, Ana Miskovic, Kristian P. Nitsch, Linda Ehrlich-Jones


2017 ACRM Annual Conference Abstracts – Posted with October & December Issues

The abstracts of scientific papers and posters presented at the ACRM 94th Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research, 23 – 28 October 2017 in Atlanta, are published in the October Issue.  The Late-Breaking Abstracts will be published with the December issue.


Special Supplement to the September 2016 issue

Physical Activity in Adult Rehabilitation Populations
Guest Editor - Daniel K. White, Mark S. Nash
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Special Supplement to the June 2016 issue

Rehabilitation Following Surgical Reconstruction to Restore Function to the Upper Limb in Tetraplegia
Guest Editor - M. Elise Johanson, DPT
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Special Supplement to the February 2016 issue

Sex, Gender, and Traumatic Brain Injury
Guest Editor - Angela Colantonio
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