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Why is ACRM committed to supporting a new PAIN REHABILITATION Group? Click to read an informative interview with Virgil T. Wittmer, PhD, Pain Rehabilitation Group Past Chair

You’re invited! Get involved with the ACRM interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Networking Group (PNG). Help identify the critical rehabilitation issues this group will address, recruit colleagues in the field, or step into a leadership role as chair of a task force.


ATTENTION: Veterans Affairs IPR Program Participants

If you participate in a VA Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation (IPR) program that requires CARF accreditation, this ACRM group would be highly beneficial. Here, you will have the opportunity to communicate, interact and collaborate with pain researchers and providers to learn about current evidence-based practice, professional consensus, and clinical guidelines to assist in meeting the CARF standards.

Contact the chair to learn more and get involved.





The ACRM Pain Rehabilitation Networking Group (PNG) will attract the best clinicians and researchers in the world to promote and study interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation.  We will use the information from research and collaboration to reduce the emotional and physical suffering associated with pain.

The PNG recognizes that chronic pain is a major cause of disability, and thus recognizes that ACRM is the best organization to advance interdisciplinary research and education.



One of the most valuable benefits of ACRM membership is the opportunity to participate in the many interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG) and networking groups.

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Abstract Development for Presentation at ACRM 2020 Conference

During this year’s ACRM Conference in Chicago, our Pain Rehabilitation Networking Group met to brainstorm about topics that members would like to see at next year’s conference. We hope this list will help guide members considering conference abstract submissions for 2020. The ACRM Submission Portal will open in late-November. See the 2020 Call for Proposals for full details.

Please keep in mind that this is a starting point for ideas and is by no means meant to limit abstract submissions to only these topics.

Here are the ideas generated, in no particular order:

  • Panel with different disciplines discussing the newest advances in their field for pain management.
  • What early career clinicians should know (or wished you’d known) about pain management.
  • Treatment / Coping with pain in particular conditions (i.e. stroke, cancer, limb restoration, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, etc.).
  • Pain related talks for specific conditions such as stroke, phantom pain, limb weakness, RSD, etc., to include discussion of assessment, treatment, technological applications, neuroplasticity, and targeted muscle innervation information
  • Treating acute pain in an effort to decrease likelihood of progression to chronic pain (including any studies/trials for this).
  • Integrative therapies during and after cancer remission to help with pain management.
  • Diagnostic considerations for situations when chronic pain may be masking acute pain OT, PT, MDs in limited time (nice opportunity for interdisciplinary symposium/panel discussion).
  • Motivational Interviewing in the treatment of pain.
  • Mind-body approach(s) for comprehensive pain assessments.
  • Shared Decision- theory and practical application.
  • Role of nutrition in pain management.

LRRNG seeks collaborators to promote education and research

ACRM Limb Restoration Rehabilitation Networking Group icon

The Limb Restoration Rehabilitation Networking Group (LRRNG) is seeking partnerships with Special Interest Groups and Networking Groups at ACRM to promote education and research aligned with population needs, and evidence-based practice in areas of common interest. To explore a collaboration on any of the following topics, contact LRRNG Co-Chair, Dr. Prateek Grover.

  • Limb loss epidemiology, access and barriers: nationally and internationally
  • Limb loss anatomy / physiology
  • Clinical practice aspects e.g., phantom pain, wound care
  • Risk factor overlap with other medical comorbidities, e.g., CVA, MI
  • Limb loss technology
  • Limb loss gait analysis


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