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The mission of the LRRNG is to advance the field of limb restoration rehabilitation by providing opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration for research, education, and advocacy for standards of practice.


Limb restoration rehabilitation is a space requiring true interdisciplinary discourse, among physicians (in rehabilitation, other medical and surgical specialties), therapists (physical, occupational, respiratory, nutritionists), physiologists and biomechanical engineers, to mention but a few.

We invite you to join the ACRM LRRNG as we provide the networking and action space required to consolidate practice guidelines, bolster education, identify critical research questions to be jointly solved, and meaningfully contribute in the lives of those living with limb loss.

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  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Task force participation (practice guidelines, advocacy, research directions)
  • Collaborative research opportunities
  • Development of position papers
  • Opportunity to plan educational courses for the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Experience outstanding peer-to-peer learning
  • Advance evidence-based clinical practices for improved outcomes


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