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About the LCNG


Limb loss affects 1.6 million Americans, a number expected to double by 2050. It is as sobering to call it a part of the human condition, as it is to realize that its narrative has somehow been overlooked. A person living with limb loss requires different medical considerations (surrounding homeostatic changes to their constitution and physiology) which are largely unknown and unmet in clinical practice. The field of limb loss rehabilitation will greatly benefit from further advances in critical knowledge and benchmark data.

The ACRM Limb Care Networking Group (LCNG) promotes high standards of practice and education and identifies opportunities for collaborative research among interdisciplinary professionals with common interests in the care of people with limb loss, which includes their rehabilitation as well as enduring prosthetic device enablement.

Task forces will provide networking opportunities for LCNG members to promote resource creation for evidence-based best practice guidelines, coordination of advocacy efforts surrounding clinical aspects and access to care for limb loss patients, and identification of research questions and methodologies in the field.