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ACRM Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group

ACRM Complementary, Integrative, Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group (CIRMNG)



The ACRM Complementary, Integrative, Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group (CIRMNG) strives to develop channels of communication and collaborations between researchers, clinicians, educators, and consumers to improve the care of the aforementioned individuals by positively impacting their health, function, and quality of life by influencing health policy and reimbursement in order to provide premier quality rehabilitation services.



  • Participate and lead the field in cutting-edge education and research related to complementary, integrative, rehabilitation medicine
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Opportunity to plan educational courses related to CIRMG for the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Task force participation and development
  • Collaborative research opportunities



Opportunities for Collaboration

The CIRMNG plans to develop the following publications. Please contact the appropriate task force chair(s) to learn about opportunities to participate.

  • Newsletter
  • Archives of PM&R Information/Education Pages
  • Evidence reports
  • White papers
  • Practice Manuals


RCT studying self-hypnosis for SCI pain seeks participants

Self-hypnosis study imageIn a recently completed pilot study, 23 people with SCI-related pain were taught, via videoconferencing with a psychologist, to use self-hypnosis plus cognitive therapy to change how their brain processed pain. Two months after treatment, 52 percent of participants reported at least a 33 percent drop in their average daily pain intensity. Researchers are now conducting a randomized controlled trial comparing six sessions of self-hypnosis plus cognitive therapy via Zoom to usual care and can enroll people with SCI and chronic pain from anywhere in the U.S. Read More >>



ACRM Members

One of the primary benefits of ACRM membership is the opportunity to participate in ACRM Interdisciplinary Special Interest Groups (ISIG), Networking Groups, and new groups like the CIRMNG. There is no additional fee to participate. Learn about all ACRM community groups here.

  • Click the JOIN NOW button
  • Click “My Information” in the left navigation pane
  • Click “Edit/View Information” in the horizontal navigation and update your member profile by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the groups in which you would like to participate.
  • Save your changes by scrolling down to the bottom-right “Save” button
  • Contact the CIRMNG Chair, Sonya Kim or Chair-Elect,  Patricia Heyn to learn about ways to get involved.


Nonmembers are welcome and encouraged to participate in any ACRM networking group or new group, like the CIRMNG, free of charge on an introductory basis for up to two years.

  • Click the JOIN NOW button
  • Complete a “Nonmember/Visitors Form”
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  • Contact the CIRMG chair, Sonya Kim or Chair-Elect,  Patricia Heyn to learn about current opportunities to participate.

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