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Limb Care Networking Group

Limb Care Networking Group


The ACRM Limb Care Networking Group (LCNG) aims to move the focus from limb “loss” to a comprehensive limb “care” by interdisciplinary collaboration among stakeholders and care systems that are vital in facilitating the patient and caregiver journey from limb loss and difference to independence.

The mission of the LCNG is to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration for stakeholders across the Limb Care Continuum that includes preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and prosthetics.

The vision statement of the LCNG focuses on promoting evidence-based comprehensive limb care using the stakeholder and systems perspective.

The directional strategies include knowledge dissemination, collaborative implementation projects and resource repository development for limb care. 

Task forces (TF) created to collaborate on the aforementioned strategies include Knowledge Dissemination TF, Implementation Facilitation TF and Resources and Advocacy TF.


Comprehensive limb care requires true interdisciplinary collaboration among systems and stakeholders across the Limb Care Continuum: including physicians (rehabilitation, medical and surgical specialties), therapists (physical, occupational, respiratory, nutritionist, psychology), orthotists and prosthetists, researchers, and organizations for community participation (driving, recreation, vocation), social support and advocacy, and policy / reimbursement.

We invite you to join the ACRM LCNG as we provide the networking and action space to share knowledge, identify gaps and current resources and collaboratively develop solutions and resources to optimize the journey of individuals with limb loss and difference.

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  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Task force participation (practice guidelines, advocacy, research directions)
  • Collaborative research opportunities
  • Development of position papers
  • Opportunity to plan educational courses for the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Experience outstanding peer-to-peer learning
  • Advance evidence-based clinical practices for improved outcomes


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Step up for a leadership position on the Executive Committee of the Limb Care Networking Group (LCNG) in our open positions:

  • Social Media Chair – Help us expand our outreach via different forms of social media!



The LCNG seeks collaborators to promote education & research.

The Limb Care Networking Group (LCNG) is seeking partnerships with Special Interest Groups and Networking Groups at ACRM to promote education and research aligned with population needs and evidence-based practice in areas of common interest. To explore a collaboration on any of the following topics, contact LCNG Chair, Dr. Prateek Grover.

  • Limb loss epidemiology, access and barriers: nationally and internationally
  • Limb loss anatomy / physiology
  • Clinical practice aspects e.g., phantom pain, wound care
  • Risk factor overlap with other medical comorbidities, e.g., CVA, MI
  • Limb loss technology
  • Limb loss gait analysis