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Most Talked About Articles From the Archives of PM&R


Check out this list of the most-cited and downloaded articles published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation during the past two years. These articles are too good to miss. Please share them with your colleagues and follow the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation on Twitter @ArchivesPMR, Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit the homepage to see it all!

  1. Evidence-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation: Systematic Review of the Literature From 2009 Through 2014
    Cicerone, K.D., Goldin, Y., Ganci, K., Rosenbaum, A., Wethe, J.V., Langenbahn, D.M., Malec, J.F., Bergquist, T.F., Kingsley, K., Nagele, D., Trexler, L., Fraas, M., Bogdanova, Y., Harley, J.P.
  2. Effects of Tai Chi on Lower Limb Proprioception in Adults Aged Over 55: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Zou, L., Han, J., Li, C., Yeung, A.S., Hui, S.S.-C., Tsang, W.W.N., Ren, Z., Wang, L.
  3. The TBI-CareQOL Measurement System: Development and Preliminary Validation of Health-Related Quality of Life Measures for Caregivers of Civilians and Service Members/Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury
    Carlozzi, N.E., Kallen, M.A., Hanks, R., Hahn, E.A., Brickell, T.A., Lange, R.T., French, L.M., Kratz, A.L., Tulsky, D.S., Cella, D., Miner, J.A., Ianni, P.A., Sander, A.M.
  4. Rehabilitation the Health Strategy of the 21st Century, Really?
    Cieza, A.
  5. Comparative Effectiveness of Injection Therapies in Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review, Pairwise and Network Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
    Lin, M.-T., Chiang, C.-F., Wu, C.-H., Huang, Y.-T., Tu, Y.-K., Wang, T.-G.
  6. Systematic Review of Mobile Health Applications in Rehabilitation
    Nussbaum, R., Kelly, C., Quinby, E., Mac, A., Parmanto, B., Dicianno, B.E.
  7. The Beneficial Effects of Mind-Body Exercises for People With Mild Cognitive Impairment: a Systematic Review With Meta-analysis
    Zou, L., Loprinzi, P.D., Yeung, A.S., Zeng, N., Huang, T.
  8. Factors Associated With Participation in Life Situations for Adults With Stroke: A Systematic Review
    Ezekiel, L., Collett, J., Mayo, N.E., Pang, L., Field, L., Dawes, H.
  9. The Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System: Implications for Improvements in Research Design, Reporting, Replication, and Synthesis
    Van Stan, J.H., Dijkers, M.P., Whyte, J., Hart, T., Turkstra, L.S., Zanca, J.M., Chen, C.
  10. A Theory-Driven System for the Specification of Rehabilitation Treatments
    Hart, T., Dijkers, M.P., Whyte, J., Turkstra, L.S., Zanca, J.M., Packel, A., Van Stan, J.H., Ferraro, M., Chen, C.
  11. Ultrasound-Guided Standard vs Dual-Target Subacromial Corticosteroid Injections for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Wang, J.-C., Chang, K.-V., Wu, W.-T., Han, D.-S., Özçakar, L.
  12. Toward Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems: Methods Used to Develop a WHO Package of Rehabilitation Interventions
    Rauch, A., Negrini, S., Cieza, A.
  13. The Effectiveness of Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization in Athletes, Participants Without Extremity or Spinal Conditions, and Individuals with Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spinal Conditions: A Systematic Review
    Nazari, G., Bobos, P., MacDermid, J.C., Birmingham, T.
  14. Immediate Effects of Immersive Biofeedback on Gait in Children With Cerebral Palsy
    Booth, A.T., Buizer, A.I., Harlaar, J., Steenbrink, F., van der Krogt, M.M.
  15. One in 11 Cochrane Reviews Are on Rehabilitation Interventions, According to Pragmatic Inclusion Criteria Developed by Cochrane Rehabilitation
    Levack, W.M.M., Rathore, F.A., Pollet, J., Negrini, S.
  16. What Lies Beneath: Why Some Pressure Injuries May Be Unpreventable for Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury
    Lemmer, D.P., Alvarado, N., Henzel, K., Richmond, M.A., McDaniel, J., Graebert, J., Schwartz, K., Sun, J., Bogie, K.M.
  17. Examining Motor Tasks of Differing Complexity After Concussion in Adolescents
    Howell, D.R., Myer, G.D., Grooms, D., Diekfuss, J., Yuan, W., Meehan, W.P., III
  18. Four-Meter Gait Speed: Normative Values and Reliability Determined for Adults Participating in the NIH Toolbox Study
    Bohannon, R.W., Wang, Y.-C.
  19. The Burden of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in the United States: Disability-Adjusted Life Years
    Hall, O.T., McGrath, R.P., Peterson, M.D., Chadd, E.H., DeVivo, M.J., Heinemann, A.W., Kalpakjian, C.Z.
  20. Effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin Treatment for Upper Limb Spasticity Poststroke Over Different ICF Domains: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Andringa, A., van de Port, I., van Wegen, E., Ket, J., Meskers, C., Kwakkel, G.
  21. Conceptual Structure of Health-Related Quality of Life for Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury: Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the TBI-QOL
    Sherer, M., Poritz, J.M.P., Tulsky, D., Kisala, P., Leon-Novelo, L., Ngan, E.
  22. Long-Term Social Reintegration Outcomes for Burn Survivors With and Without Peer Support Attendance: A Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation (LIBRE) Study
    Grieve, B., Shapiro, G.D., Wibbenmeyer, L., Acton, A., Lee, A., Marino, M., Jette, A., Schneider, J.C., Kazis, L.E., Ryan, C.M., Badger, K., Cancio, L.C., Carrougher, G., Carson, J., Carter, D., Chang, P.H., Deeter, L., Edorf, F., Fagin, A., Faoro, N., Faucher, L., Fauerbach, J.A., Fidler, P., Foster, K., Friedstat, J., Gibran, N., Goverman, J., Harrington, D., Herndon, D., Hickerson, W., Holavanahalli, R., Houng, A., Hwang, J., Jeng, J., Joe, V., Kopari, N., Kowalske, K., Lee, R., Levi, B., Liu, Y., Palmieri, T., Pomahač, B., Reilly, D., Romanowski, K., Schulz, J.T., III, Sheridan, R.L., Shupp, J.W., Sinha, I., Travis, T., LIBRE Advisory Board
  23. Responsiveness of the Traumatic Brain Injury–Quality of Life (TBI-QOL) Measurement System
    Poritz, J.M.P., Sherer, M., Kisala, P.A., Tulsky, D., Leon-Novelo, L., Ngan, E.
  24. Impact of Work-Related Burn Injury on Social Reintegration Outcomes: A Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation (LIBRE) Study
    Schneider, J.C., Shie, V.L., Espinoza, L.F., Shapiro, G.D., Lee, A., Acton, A., Marino, M., Jette, A., Kazis, L.E., Ryan, C.M., LIBRE Advisory Board
  25. Measurement Properties of the Hand Grip Strength Assessment: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis
    Bobos, P., Nazari, G., Lu, Z., MacDermid, J.C.
  26. Acute and Chronic Pain in Children and Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy: Prevalence, Interference, and Management
    Ostojic, K., Paget, S., Kyriagis, M., Morrow, A.
  27. How Should the Rehabilitation Community Prepare for 2019-nCoV?
    Choon-Huat Koh, G., Hoenig, H.
  28. Using a Biopsychosocial Model to Understand Long-Term Outcomes in Persons With Burn Injuries
    Wiechman, S., Hoyt, M.A., Patterson, D.R.
  29. Quantitative Synthesis of Timed 25-Foot Walk Performance in Multiple Sclerosis
    Sikes, E.M., Cederberg, K.L., Sandroff, B.M., Bartolucci, A., Motl, R.W.
  30. Minimum Competency Recommendations for Programs That Provide Rehabilitation Services for Persons With Disorders of Consciousness: A Position Statement of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems
    Giacino, J.T., Whyte, J., Nakase-Richardson, R., Katz, D.I., Arciniegas, D.B., Blum, S., Day, K., Greenwald, B.D., Hammond, F.M., Pape, T.B., Rosenbaum, A., Seel, R.T., Weintraub, A., Yablon, S., Zafonte, R.D., Zasler, N.
  31. What Now for Rehabilitation Specialists? Coronavirus Disease 2019 Questions and Answers
    Yonter, S.J., Alter, K., Bartels, M.N., et al.
  32. Management of Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Synthesis of Practice Guidelines
    Silverberg, Noah D.Cogan, Alison M. et al.
  33. Shoulder Rotator Cuff Disorders: A Systematic Review of Clinical Practice Guidelines and Semantic Analyses of Recommendations
    Doiron-Cadrin, Patrick et al.
  34. Exercise Programs Delivered According to Guidelines Improve Mobility in People With Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    Pogrebnoy, Dina et al.
  35. Efficacy of Virtual Reality Combined With Real Instrument Training for Patients With Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Oh, Young-Bin et al.