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Distinguished Member Award ACRM Award

Distinguished Member Award





Established in 1988, the Distinguished Member Award honors an ACRM member who significantly contributes to the development and functioning of ACRM. Qualified nominees are ACRM members who provide extraordinary service as a member or chair of a committee, task force, ISIG, or networking group. These individuals demonstrate leadership and organizational abilities and exemplify public service.

ACRM is pleased to recognize Megan Mitchell, PhD as the 2022 ACRM Distinguished Member.



Dr. Megan Mitchell is a Human Factors Researcher II responsible for validating the usability and safety of Electronic Health Record systems and digital medical devices using various quantitative and qualitative user research metrics. She provides guidance for design and innovation throughout the discovery phase to implementation, conducting formative and summative research and completing regulatory requirements. Prior to this role, Dr. Mitchell was a Biomedical Engineer, focused upon biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering with a passion and interest in bone and muscle health and responsible for designing and incorporating devices and interventions in the clinical setting, investigating novel approaches, or providing evidence for clinical practices. Throughout her career, Dr. Mitchell has served in numerous leadership positions within ACRM. Her leadership focuses upon building ACRM’s organizational development, implementing innovative new programs and operational processes. Examples of her leadership include but are not limited to: founding co-Chair of the Technology Networking Group, ACRM Chair of the Rehabweek 2019 Steering Committee, and Program Committee Chair during the implementation of the virtual format in 2020-2021.