Pediatric and Adolescent Task Force

Pediatric and Adolescent Task Force

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The Pediatric-Adolescent Task Force is comprised of multiple disciplines collaborating to improve the lives of youth with TBI.  We currently sponsor the Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Pediatric Brain Injury Symposium, a symposium held annually at the ACRM conference. This year Dr. Shari Wade will be speaking on the topic of the family in pediatric TBI.

The Task Force welcomes new members who are interested in pediatric brain injury.



Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa

Julie Haarbauer-
Krupa, PhD

Drew Nagele

Drew A. Nagele,



This task force led by Julie Haarbauer-Krupa and Drew Nagele, recently published an article in JHTR about service delivery for kids and the gaps and problems parents face in navigating between rehabilitation and school services.

Current projects involve an examination of translation of findings into recommendations in a clinical setting, as well as a systematic review of cognitive rehabilitation and children. A systematic review of cognitive rehabilitation involving mild traumatic brain injury and children is under development and led by Jonathan Dodd.

Moreover, Drew Nagele is spearheading an initiative on identifying and understanding the needs of healthcare and educational professionals working with children with TBI. He leads a team of task force members, which are getting ready to present the results of this study in the form of a manuscript. A manual on defining the needs of children transitioning to adulthood is in its early stages of conceptualization.


Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Pediatric Symposium

Last but not least, the 2017 keynote speaker for the Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Pediatric Symposium is Lyn S. Turkstra, PhD, CCC-SLP from McMaster University. Dr. Turkstra is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she directs the Communication and Cognition Laboratory.

She is known internationally for her research on cognitive-communication disorders in adolescents and adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and has published numerous articles in this area. Her research aims to advance understanding of the cognitive basis of communication problems in individuals with brain injury, particularly in relation to social communication. Dr. Turkstra is board certified by the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences.

She is the lead author of national evidenced based practice guidelines for assessment in individuals with cognitive-communication disorders after TBI and has been active in the development of guidelines for cognitive rehabilitation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Turkstra will be speaking on social cognition in adolescents.


About Mark Ylvisaker

Mark Ylvisaker

Mark Ylvisaker

Mark Ylvisaker was a pioneer in the field of pediatric brain injury whose work emphasized practical approaches in everyday activities with emphasis on collaborations. Mark passed away in 2009.

Jointly sponsored by the BI-ISIG Pediatric and Adolescent Task Force with support from the ACRM Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group, the annual Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Pediatric Brain Injury Symposium will continue Dr. Ylvisaker's influence on the field of pediatric brain injury by focusing on the values he emulated.


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