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Community-Based Treatment Task Force



The focus of the BI-ISIG Community-Based Treatment Task Force is to explore community-based models of care and review methods of outcome assessment.



Ann Marie McLaughlin (left) and Nina Geier, 2016 Mid-Year Meeting, Chicago

Ann Marie McLaughlin (left) and Nina Geier at the 2016 Mid-Year Meeting, Chicago

Nina Geier, MS, MPT, PT, CBIS
Senior Director, Bancroft NeuroHealth
+1.732.206.1577, ext 1206

Ann Marie McLaughlin, PhD
Clinical Director, ReMed
+1.610.695.6315 ext 312

2018 GOALS

  • Submit an article for publication
  • Identify future projects or opportunities for collaboration with other task forces



  • Data analysis and preparation of draft article to submit for publication.