Community-Based Treatment Task Force

Community-Based Treatment Task Force

2018 Call for Proposals

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To address clinical issues, standards of practice and clinical efficacy of community-based treatment for individuals with brain injury.


Nina Geier, MS, MPT, PT, CBIS
+1.732.206.1577, ext 1206

Ann Marie McLaughlin, PhD
+1.610.695.6315 ext 312


Under the leadership of Nina Geier, and Ann Marie McLaughlin, the TF plans to expand the results from a program survey project into a journal article.  Some of the outcomes stemming from the original survey are in need of further exploration, such as how does one identify the most important elements for successful community-based treatment, and what are some current unmet needs in the domain of service delivery.  Initial analysis of survey data demonstrated that only 40 percent of programs, treat clients in their own homes. Allison Clark is involved on examining data for this purpose.

Moreover, the authors would like to address a need to systematically classify tools being used to measure outcome, and how those measurements support evidence based programs in post-acute community based care. For more information, please contact the task force chairs, Nina Geier or Ann Marie McLaughlin.