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ACRM 94th Annual Conference Progress in Rehabilitation Research PIRR

Five DAYS of NONSTOP Military and VA Content

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Offering 5 days of high-caliber educational content for military and VA, the ACRM 94th Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR) provides outstanding value for every member of the rehab team.


More than 13 educational sessions, meetings & many more scientific papers & papers specifically relating to needs of rehabilitation in the military/VA — from traumatic brain injury to limb restoration & more… check out the whole ACRM Conference PROGRAM.


The ACRM Military / Veterans Affairs Networking Group builds bridges to close the gaps between the rehab science, non-government ACRM members and VA personnel — all working for IMPROVING LIVES and addressing specific needs of rehab in the military ranks.

Connect with this group and met them in Atlanta and discover opportunities for leadership and task force involvement.


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ACRM Conference 2016: Military & Veterans Affairs Networking Group Meeting 2016 Conference

ACRM Conference 2016: Military & Veterans Affairs Networking Group Meeting

Not-To-Miss Military and VA Focused Content

Military and VA Instructional Courses

Military and VA Symposia

For specific MILITARY AND VA REHABILITATION sessions and more details (including presenters, session descriptions and schedules) see the ACRM APP and the online program.

  • #302021 – Traumatic Brain Injury as a Chronic Health Condition: Long-Term Functional Change and Associated Comorbidities  BI, MIL
    Tessa Hart, Kristen Dams-O’Connor, Risa Nakase-Richardson, Jessica Ketchum, John Corrigan
  • #296075 – Conducting Patient Engaged Research: Lessons Learned in the VA  CP, MIL, BI
    Maheen Adamson, Karen Besterman-Dahan, Kiersten Downs, Bridget Cotner
  • #293856 – An Innovative Approach to Auditory Processing Treatment for Mild TBI in the Military Setting  BI, MIL
    Heechin Chae, Cynthia Zmroczek, Stacie Robarts, Hannah Bronson
  • #288547 – Perspectives on Community Reintegration of Veterans and Service Members with TBI: Clinical Practice Implications  BI, MIL
    Gail Powell-Cope, Bridget Hahm, Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Jason Lind, Angelle Sander, Christine Melillo, Karen Besterman-Dahan, Kiersten Downs, Nicole Antinori
  • #293379 – Virtual Reality Innovations: Technology Enhanced Therapy for mTBI and Common Comorbid Conditions  TEC, BI, MIL
    Russell Gore, Loren Post, Ted Jones, Tracey Wallace
  • #297096 – Using a Systems and Knowledge Translation Lens to Frame Clinical Recommendation Development and Implementation  CP, BI, MIL
    Inbal Eshel, Brooke Heintz
  • #295737 – Progressive Return to Activity After Concussion: Provider Training in a Mixed Method Study Modifies Practice  BI, MIL
    Karen McCulloch, Keith Stuessi, Jason Bailie, Wesley Cole, Mark Ettenhofer, Emma Gregory
  • #297045 – Translating the VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines to a Civilian Population: Toward an Amputation Model System  LR, CP, MIL
    George Gondo, Danielle Melton, Kristin Reeves, Joseph Webster, Jason Highsmith
  • #297208 – Measurement of Sleep in Neurorehabilitation: The Role of Actigraphy  BI, TEC, MIL
    Risa Nakase-Richardson, Mo Modarres, Don Fogelberg, Jennifer Travis-Seidl
  • #289738 – Evidence-Based Pharmacological Interventions After Traumatic Brain Injury  MES, BI, MIL
    Sonya Kim, Lilian Hoffecker, Lauren Terhorst, Xiaolei Hu, Marianne Montera, Shilpa Krishnan, Trudy Mallinson, Patricia Heyn
  • #288421 – Emerging Technologies for Emotion Regulation after TBI  TEC, BI, MIL
    Tracey Wallace, John Morris, Leighanne Davis

FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS:  AN: Arts & Neuroscience  //  BI: Brain Injury  //  CAN: Cancer  //  CC: Cross-Cutting  //  CIRM: Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine  //  CP: Clinical Practice  //  DI: Diagnosis Independent  //  GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation  //  INT: International  //  LR: Limb Restoration  //  MES: Measurement  //  MIL: Military/VA  //  ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases  //  NP: Neuroplasticity  //  PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation  //  PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation  //  PHY: Physicians & Clinicians  //  POL: Health Policy & Legislation  //  SCI: Spinal Cord Injury  //  ST: Stroke  //  TEC: Technology

Military and VA Meetings

See the complete schedule of ACRM ISIG, networking group, and task force meetings and plan to join those that best align with your interests and expertise.

  • Military and Veterans Networking Group Meeting // THUR 26 OCT  7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Military and VA-Related Paper Sessions

Paper sessions to be announced soon. Stay tuned to the ACRM Conference APP and the online program!

Join the ACRM Military / Veterans Affairs Networking Group (MVANG)

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ACRM Annual ConferenceProgress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR#2017)

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*For the latest programming info, schedule, session and faculty details, and room locations, please see the Searchable Online Program & Scheduler and/or the ACRM App.  Although significant changes are not anticipated, the schedules, sessions, and presenters posted on this website are subject to change.
*Up to 44 credit hours from Pre-Conference through end of Conference Mon – Sat 23 – 28 October. The number of credit hours available in any particular content area may be less.