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Six DAYS of NONSTOP Cross-Cutting Content

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Offering 6 days of high-caliber educational content for cross-cutting rehabilitation, the ACRM 94th Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR) provides outstanding value for every member of the rehab team.

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Not-To-Miss Cross-Cutting Rehabilitation Content

Cross-Cutting Instructional Courses

Cross-Cutting Symposia

For specific CROSS-CUTTING sessions and more details (including presenters, session descriptions and schedules) see the ACRM APP and the online program.

  • #300494 – OP-ENS – A Peer Support Intervention to Promote Healthcare Access for People With Disabilities  CP, CC
    Susan Magasi, Robert Green, Laura VanPuymbrouck, Christina Papadimitriou
  • #302937 – Managing Edema in Persons With Neurological Impairments Utilizing Techniques to Treat Lymphedema  CC
    Rebecca Hammad, Anna Elmers
  • #300578 – Striving to Work and Overcoming Employment Barriers Among Persons with Disabilities  CC
    John O’Neill, Denise Fyffe, Vidya Sundar, Anthony Lequerica
  • #304550 – Introduction to 3D Printing in Rehabilitation  TEC, CC, CP
    Jaclyn Schwartz
  • #295564 – Martial Arts as Sport and Therapy   CC, CIRM
    David Burke
  • #304321 – Educating Clinicians and Patients on Evidence-Based Content through Web Training Programs: Does It Work?  CC, CP, TEC
    Lynn Worobey, Trevor Dyson-Hudson
  • #300767 – Transgender Toolbox: Interdisciplinary Tools to Provide Optimal Care   CC, INT
    Cory Grandinetti
  • #286947 – Benefits of a Care Coordination Solution for People with Neurological Conditions Using Dedicated Patient Advocates   CC, BI, ST, ND, PED
    Jessica Harthcock, Carrie Redmon, Kelly Toline
  • #292902 – A Stimulating Solution: Targeting Spasticity Through Mechanical and Electrical Stimulation  CC
    Edelle Field-Fote, Jennifer Iddings, Stephen Estes
  • #305989 – Women in Rehabilitation Science: Impact Lives, Foster Innovation, Cultivate Change   ND, CC
    Mark Hirsch, Pamela Duncan, Cassandra L. Herman, Sandra Kletzel, Patricia C. Heyn, Michele K. York
  • #304635 – Hot Topics in Rehabilitation of Young Children Age 0-5: Clinical & Research Blitz   PED, CC, CP
    Angela Ciccia, Leann Kerr, Jennifer Lundine, Roberta O’Shea, Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, Amber Sheehan, Jorge R. Vasquez Rios, Cristina L. Sadowsky, Glendaliz Bosques, Mark Pedrotty, Christian Niedzwecki, Jessica Kramer, Shelley Anne Dean
  • #300482 – Improving Medication Adherence in Rehabilitation Clients: A Review of Evidence-Based Practice   CP, CC
    Jaclyn Schwartz
  • #300598 – Person Centred Care: What Are Consumers Saying About Their Care?  CC, MES, INT
    Christine MacDonell, Di Shen, Barbara O’Connell
  • #296055 – Physical Functioning Goals for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: A Nephrology, Geriatrics and Physiatry Discussion  CC, GER
    Nancy Kutner, Jeanie Park, C. Barrett Bowling
  • #300467 – Learning Health Systems in Rehabilitation Practice & Research  CC, MES
    Carole Tucker
  • #292593 – Walking Adaptability After Neurological Injury: Mechanisms, Assessment and Intervention  CC, ST, MES
    David Clark, Chitralakshmi Balasubramanian, Emily Fox
  • #300469 – How to Get Published: Authorship, Reporting Guidelines, Reviewing in Medical Rehabilitation   CC
    Allen Heinemann, Leighton Chan, Helen Hoenig
  • #291889 – Exploring Mechanisms for Alcohol Abuse After TBI  NP, BI, CC
    Amy Herrold, John Corrigan, Alana Conti
  • #299541 – Spina Bifida Across the Life Span: An Evolving Multidisciplinary Clinical Model  PED, CP, CC
    Drew Davis, Betsy Hopson, Brandon Rocque
  • #293662 – Leveraging Existing Data to Answer Novel Research Questions: Perspectives on Archiving and Using Research Data  CC
    Kenneth Ottenbacher, Rachel Ward, Addie Middleton
  • #294882 – Evidence and Clinical Pearls to Improve the Inpatient Team Conference   CP, CC
    Dale Strasser, Elisabeth Preston -Hsu, Suzanne Penna, Traci Veramonti, Cindi Ivanhoe, David Kushner
  • #300506 – NIH Grantsmanship: Primer to successful navigation of numerous research opportunities at the NIH   CC
    Jesse Lieberman, Mark Hirsch, Janet Niemeier
  • #296629 – Cervicocephalic Syndrome: What Every Physiatrist Should Know  CC, BI, PAIN
    Nathan Zasler, John Leddy
  • #296058 – The Legacy of Kurt Goldstein: Person-Centered Healthcare, Holistic Biology, and Biosemiotics in Rehabilitation  CC
    Gary Goldberg, Patrick Whitehead
  • #297175 – CLDR-Sponsored Young Investigators Panel: Secondary Analysis of Archived Datasets   CC
    Kenneth Ottenbacher
  • #296818 – Neurodegenerative Disease Networking Symposium: An Interactive Research and Mentorship Round Tables Discussion  ND, CC, CIRM
    Patricia Heyn, Deborah Backus, Mark Hirsch, Sarah Gurney, Victor Mark, Erwin van Wegen, Cassandra Herman, Shilpa Krishnan, Michele York
  • #295289 – Clinical Integration and Innovation for Persons With Catastrophic Injury/Chronic Disease: Where Should we Head?  CC, INT, POL
    Philip Morse, Pamela Roberts, Deborah Anselm, Christine Howard-Brown, Sarah Morrison, Christine MacDonell, Michael Jones, Amy Morse, Neonila Panko
  • #294864 – Rehabilitation Research Resource to Enhance Clinical Trials Center (REACT) and the MR3 Network   CC
    Marcas Bamman, Gary Cutter, Jeff Foster
  • #300998 – Integrating Therapeutic Exercises via Dance/Movement Therapy, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery When Treating Pain   CC
    Rivi Har-El
  • #297446 – A Practical Guide for Offering Health Promotion Interventions to People With Disabilities in Virtual Worlds  CP, SCI, CC
    Margaret Nosek, Alice Krueger, Anne Forrest, Thomas Nosek
  • #294269 – Relational Practice: A Valued And Legitimate Way Of Working In Rehabilitation  CP, CC
    Nicola Kayes, Felicity Bright, Kathleen Galvin
  • #284131 – The ‘Silo-ed Specialist Dilemma’: Interdisciplinary Cross-Training of SCI Specialists for Acquired Brain Injury  CC, BI, SCI
    Kristen Lueck, Liz Pike

FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS:  AN: Arts & Neuroscience  //  BI: Brain Injury  //  CAN: Cancer  //  CC: Cross-Cutting  //  CIRM: Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine  //  CP: Clinical Practice  //  DI: Diagnosis Independent  //  GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation  //  INT: International  //  LR: Limb Restoration  //  MES: Measurement  //  MIL: Military/VA  //  ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases  //  NP: Neuroplasticity  //  PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation  //  PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation  //  PHY: Physicians & Clinicians  //  POL: Health Policy & Legislation  //  SCI: Spinal Cord Injury  //  ST: Stroke  //  TEC: Technology

Cross-Cutting Topics Special Symposium

Paper Sessions for Cross-Cutting Topics

Paper sessions to be announced soon. Stay tuned to the ACRM Conference APP and the online program!

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