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  • ACRM Pandemic Webinar Series
    Free ACRM webinars on a variety of telehealth-related topics such as reimbursement, legal considerations, and best practices.
  • Tech Talk Webinar Series
    Telehealth COVID 19 & Beyond: Policy Updates, Resources, Tools and Case Uses – Free ACRM Technology Networking Group webinars providing an overview of policy, technology, administrative and clinical guidelines, and planning strategies for combining in-person visits with online visits.
  • International Journal of Telerehabilitation
    Open-access, biannual scholarly journal specific to telerehabilitation research and practices.
  • Telehealth Resource Centers
    National consortium of telehealth resources centers providing education, consultation and regional updates.
  • Telehealthshare
    Resources and tools for providers in telehealth including training, webinars and educational materials.
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