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Tech Talks are webinars featuring expert speakers in all areas of technology. This is an opportunity to learn from and interact with the best in our field!




30 AUGUST // 1:00 PM ET

Tech Talks Presents: Redefining the Relationship Between Humans and their Assistive Technologies via Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
With guest speaker, Patrick M. Pilarski, PhD​

This talk will introduce the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to continually improve the control of and feedback from myoelectric prostheses and improve participants depth of understanding on these technologies by way of a series of concrete examples drawn from our past 10 years of work on developing upper-limb prosthetic interfaces.

Learning Objectives

1. Be aware of the role machine learning and artificial intelligence plays in both the control of and feedback from upper limb prosthetic devices.
2. Be able to reflect (with examples) how modern artificial intelligence methods allow prostheses and other rehabilitation devices to adapt and improve during use.
3. Acquire terms and shared language that enable multidisciplinary conversations about the role that continual machine learning might play in meeting the needs of assistive technology users.



  • Forming a Commercialization Strategy
    With guest speaker, Angella Smalley, PhD
    Come to learn about the process of bringing a medical technology to market. We will be discussing happens between that lightbulb moment, when an innovator has a great idea, to the day that the product is available to order and use with patients.
  • Shifting the paradigm of research evidence generation in the development and evaluation of technology-based interventions
    With guest speakers, Rosalie Wang, PhD, OT Reg. and Pooja Viswanathan, PhD
    This presentation will be of interest to anyone working as a researcher, clinician, or technology developer in academia, health care settings, or industry and involved in the development, evaluation, and implementation of technology-based interventions in disability and rehabilitation. Dominant approaches applied to generate evidence in disability and rehabilitation are often inappropriate, unfeasible, and too slow to accommodate the realities of development and evaluation of technology-based interventions and may ultimately limit the potential of technology-based interventions to benefit their intended users and society. This webinar will present a different approach—Framework for Accelerated and Systematic Technology-based intervention development and Evaluation Research (FASTER).
  • Innovative Health Technology Adoption in Hospitals: How to Engineer Change Within Your own Institution
    With guest speaker, David Putrino, PT, PhD
    Despite the potential for health technology to be transformative to the field of rehabilitation medicine, adoption of novel technologies remains slow and rarely successful. There are many reasons for the poor adoption of novel technologies, and innovators at academic medical institutions will often experience pushback from many different directions. The purpose of this webinar is to provide investigators and clinicians with an interest in novel technology development with a framework for how to make it happen in their own institution.
  • Telehealth COVID 19 & Beyond: Policy Updates, Resources, Tools and Case Uses
    With guest speaker, Tammy Richmond, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal and state governments implemented multiple waivers and policies allowing practice provisions to telehealth services. Now as the economy starts to reopen, both providers and consumers will have to navigate how to best continue clinical rehabilitation and habilitation services. This webinar will provide an overview of current policy, technology, administrative and clinical guidelines, and will offer planning strategies for combining in-person visits with online visits.
  • Harnessing Technology for Precision Rehabilitation
    With guest speaker, Rachel Proffitt, OTD, OTR/L