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This database was compiled by the Technology Networking Group Telehealth Task Force to engage and educate professionals, medical professionals, and consumers about telehealth. Topics cover general information, policy and professional issues, best practices, and more. If you are aware of an Internet resource that is not included in this list, please email Kristen Weidner to suggest an addition to the database.

General Telehealth Information >>
These resources describe and define telehealth and telehealth terminology.

Clinical Recommendations and Best Practices >>
Geared towards clinicians, institutions, and payers, these resources provide standards for the delivery of telehealth based on evidence and expert consensus.

Education >>
Provided here are educational resources through ACRM and other organizations for clinicians and researchers to refine their skills and improve delivery. These may include webinars, tutorials, pertinent conference sessions, and handbooks.

Policy and Advocacy >>
This list provides ACRM members, external stakeholders and consumers with up-to-date resources and contacts to become familiar with telehealth policy relevant to rehabilitation and advocate for comprehensive new policies.