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You’re a professional in the medical or care industry, and you’ve had a decent amount of experience with spinal cord injury rehabilitation — but you want more experience. You want to meet others in your field, work on your own rehabilitation research, and advance rehabilitation medicine.

ACRM — and the Spinal Cord Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group, or SCI-ISIG —is the way to make that happen. When you partner with us, you’ll be at the forefront of rehabilitation medicine. When you join the SCI-ISIG, you can be at the forefront of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Learn more about why to join SCI-ISIG below, and join ACRM today to get started working on rehabilitation medicine you’re passionate about.

SCI-ISIG Task Forces

Find a specialized area of focus that matches your interests.

Perhaps you’re interested in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, but you’re more interested in how fitness and wellness play a role in it. We have a task force for that! Our task forces within SCI-ISIG promote cutting-edge research, establish standards of care, and offer an interdisciplinary forum for development. These task forces include:

Medical Networking

Find mentors and work with research collaborators from a variety of fields.

Here at ACRM, we pride ourselves on the medical networking opportunities we provide to our members. From our Annual Conference to ISIGs to task forces — including the SCI-ISIG for spine injury rehabilitation — our members will meet and work with people who will positively influence their careers.

Continuing Education

CE for nurses, CME for physicians, and more is available.

As a medical professional — whether you’re a nurse, physician, hospital administrator, care provider, or another professional — you’re never done learning. Why not get credits that advance your career while you’re at it? ACRM offers both CEs and CMEs for our members.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Publish your work, get research opportunities, and advance your career.

Medical networking is one thing, but actually collaborating with other researchers and experiencing peer-to-peer learning is quite another. ACRM and the SCI-ISIG are all about collaboration because we know collaboration is essential for success in the realm of rehabilitation medicine. This collaboration will allow you to truly improve the lives of people with SCI.

Clinical Care

Conduct state-of-the-art reviews of practice in spinal cord care.

When you join ACRM and, furthermore, the SCI-ISIG, you’ll regularly participate in clinical care. You’ll do this by conducting reviews of practice in spinal cord care in order to look for improvements and by enhancing competencies of interdisciplinary team members in SCI rehabilitation.

Join The SCI-ISIG Today

Whether it’s the task forces, medical networking, continuing education, interdisciplinary collaboration, or clinical care that speaks to you, we’re confident you’ll advance your career and improve rehabilitation medicine and research when you join the SCI-ISIG. Whether you are a rehabilitation physician or are just getting started with injury rehabilitation, there’s a place for you here. Join ACRM today.