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ACRM Spinal Cord Injury ISIG Fitness and Wellness Task Force

Fitness and Wellness Task Force



To enhance the health and wellness of people with spinal cord injury through the development and implementation of evidence-based physical fitness and health initiatives created by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers in the field of spinal cord injury rehabilitation.


Access to the SCI-ISIG and the opportunity to participate in its task forces are benefits of ACRM membership. CLICK HERE to learn more and join us. We invite you to check out our goals and ongoing projects, then contact the Task Force Chair to learn how to get involved. We welcome your participation!


Gino Panza, PhD, CSCS

Gino Panza, PhD, CSCS


Health Science Specialist, Department of Veteran Affairs
John D Dingell VAMC
Post-Doc, School of Medicine, Department of Physiology
Wayne State University


  • Develop ACRM SCI-ISIG fitness and wellness products based on the most current evidence-based exercise and physical fitness guidelines and recommendations;
  • Produce ACRM SCI-ISIG social media, web content, and conference programming on topics related to fitness and wellness in SCI;
  • Increase awareness and involvement of exercise science, sports medicine and strength and conditioning disciplines in the ACRM SCI-ISIG by promoting the organization at regional and national conferences and within designated national organizations.



  • Archives Supplement – Organizing and publishing a special issue supplement for the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation on the topic of wearable robotic exoskeletons. Submission date: September 2017
  • Conference Symposium – Presentation and panel discussion for the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference and development of resources focusing on activity-based programs:
    • What role do non-traditional, activity-based programs have in promoting long-term neurological recovery, health, fitness, and wellness?
    • How should the clinician advise and guide patients to pursue post-discharge rehabilitation services?