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ACRM Spinal Cord Injury ISIG Secondary Complications and Aging Task Force

Secondary Complications & Aging Task Force



To promote healthy aging among people with SCI and assist the prevention and management of secondary complications of SCI through education, research, and policy.


Check out our current projects and recently developed products below and reach out to the co-chairs to learn more about the task force and contributing to its activities. Clinicians, researchers, and consumers are all welcome.

2021 GOALS

  • Develop programing for the ACRM 2021 Annual Conference

  • Create Archives of PM&R Information & Education Pages (IEPs) targeting the needs of the population

  • Engage members in various areas of secondary complications and aging

  • Develop webinars on new topics of interest

  • Develop a social media platform to connect with a larger audience


Swati Mehta, MA, PhD

Swati Mehta, MA, PhD


Lawson Health Research Institute

Jia Li, PhD

Jia Li, PhD


Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University of Alabama at Birmingham




  • Implementation of Pressure Injury Prevention Best Practices, with Guest Speakers Carol Scovil, PhD and Dalton Wolfe, PhD
    Knowledge implementation is an important step to incorporate throughout the research process. This webinar provided learners an opportunity to engage in an interactive presentation from authors of Scovil et al. “Implementation of Pressure Injury Prevention Best Practices Across 6 Canadian Rehabilitation Sites: Results From the Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network.” Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2019 Feb 1;100(2):327-35, on practical strategies of using active implementation frameworks to implement best practices in rehabilitation setting. Speakers discussed barriers and facilitators to successful implementation. Indicators for evaluating successful implementation were presented. Watch here >>


  • Swati Mehta, PhD, Shilpa Krishnan, Jeanne M. Zanca, Trevor Dyson-Hudson, Yu-Ying Chen, Patricia Heyn, David Brienza, Ceren Yarar-Fisher, PT, PhD, Susan Charlifue, PhD. Strategies to Help you Communicate Your Pain Concerns With Health Care Providers: A Guide for People With Spinal Cord Injury (resubmitted with revisions).