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NSA-ACRM Young Investigators Award in Post-Acute Stroke Rehabilitation

National Stroke Association/ACRM Young Investigator Award in Post-Acute Stroke Rehabilitation


Kimberly HrehaThe 2018 recipient of the National Stroke Association / ACRM Young Investigator Award is Kimberly P. Hreha, EdD, MS, OTR/L, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington. The award recognizes her drive and commitment to furthering rehabilitation research in the areas of post-stroke care, measurement and/or stroke patient outcomes during her early career work.

Dr. Hreha presented an award lecture during the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference in Dallas called, The Impact of Stroke in Those With a Long-Term Physical Disability.


Dr. Hreha graduated with her Masters in occupational therapy from Misericordia University in 2006. Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation (KIR) was her employer for the next 11 years, and currently she is completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington.

During her years at KIR, Dr. Hreha closely collaborated with Kessler Foundation and the Stroke Department. Her research work has mostly been with stroke survivors and specifically focused on spatial neglect (assessment and treatment). She is co-author and lead trainer of the Kessler Foundation Neglect Assessment Process, which is a process to administer the Catherine Bergego Scale. Dr. Hreha has been training occupational therapists in this assessment method since 2009, which includes not only the US but worldwide. This training usually also includes administration of a Prism Adaptation Treatment protocol.

Dr. Hreha has published 11 peer-reviewed journal articles and has an additional six under review. She has also authored various editorial reports for newsletters and online blogs, and presented over 80 scientific conferences. Dr. Hreha led two master student thesis research projects for two different occupational therapy departments. Under her guidance, one of the student groups presented their work at the New Jersey and the American Occupational Therapy Association conferences. In addition, they published their findings in Topics for Stroke Rehabilitation in 2016.

Her grant track record includes; a Travel Grant from the University of Washington Postdoctoral Association, the LSVT Global Student Small Research Grant, the Teachers College Dean’s Award for Student Research, and an internal grant from the Kessler Foundation.


For award history, qualification requirements or nomination procedures, please visit the Young Investigator Award webpage.