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Aging Research & Geriatric Rehabilitation Webinar Series

Innovations in Aging Research Webinar Series


The Innovations in Aging Research (IAR) Webinar Series aims to improve the quality of life of older adults by delivering timely resources, innovative topics and the latest research to professionals, caregivers, and older individuals. The series will provide information about wellness, successful aging, caregiving, trends in gerontology and geriatric rehabilitation medicine to provide quality caring practices for our aging population.



Using Therapeutic Vibration Technology in Mobility-Impaired Patients


Date: 25 May 2022

Time: 4:00 PM ET


Jeffrey M. Leismer, PhD,
Founder and CEO, Vibetech


Exercise is the best medicine, but how can we deliver the benefits of weight bearing physical activity to people who are unable to stand? This Webinar presents guidance surrounding the use of therapeutic vibration technology for improving strength, function, and pain in mobility-impaired patients.


60 minutes (1 hour)

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the importance and intricacies of the human body’s mechanical interactions with the environment which influence the form and function of our musculoskeletal system, and contemplate the active ingredients of weight bearing physical activity and what constitutes a proper dose of weight bearing physical activity for different populations.

2. Learn how biomimicry has been used to develop technology that removes the barriers to physical activity for people unable to perform weight bearing physical activity, and collaborate on concepts to increase engagement and satisfaction in patients receiving interactive, robotic-assist therapeutic vibration treatments.

3. Learn how to use robotic-assist therapeutic vibration technology to deliver appropriate doses of therapeutic vibration (a form of mechanical stimulation that taps into our muscles’ stretch reflexes) to where it is needed to achieve desired patient outcomes (e.g. increased strength/reduced atrophy, increased range of motion, reduced pain, increased circulation, improved balance and physical confidence, etc.)

About the Presenter

Jeff Leismer, PhD is the founder and CEO of VibeTech (Sheboygan, WI), a NASA Spinoff Company. He leads the company’s creation of advanced robotic therapeutic vibration rehabilitation solutions that make exercise accessible to all. He has been an invited faculty member at ACRM and presented at numerous conferences and events. He is inventor on over a dozen issued and pending patents and holds a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Florida and a MENG in Biomechanics and a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Michigan Tech.


  • Exergaming for Older Adults with Osteoarthritis: From Gaming to Training
    With Donald G. Manlapaz, PhD, PTRP
    This webinar is very timely as exercise gaming is a rising trend in geriatric rehabilitation. It will be influential to the research works that are focusing on innovative rehabilitation techniques to improve quality of patient care among older adults with osteoarthritis.
  • Psychosocial Determinants of Cognitive Health: Implications for Community-Based Non-Pharmacological Interventions
    With Daniel R. Y. Gan, PhD
    As many as 81% of all North Americans with dementia are aging in the community. Neurobiological processes of dementia are known to start decades before diagnosis. Given that 40% of its risk factors are modifiable, prevention in the community becomes crucial. But community contexts are diverse. This webinar summarizes, step-by-step, how psychosocial variables in the community could be addressed. Using the example of two theory-based constructs, i.e., cohesion and playfulness, I demonstrate the importance of including community as a unit of analysis to facilitate comparative case studies across intervention contexts and cross-level analysis. Potential outcomes include more robust trial design and greater community impact, using hybrid approaches of RCTs and implementation science.
  • EEG-tracked Gait Provides an Unprecedented Window in the Neurophysiology of Cognitive and Motor Aging
    With guest speaker, Pierfilippo De Sanctis, MS, PhD
    This webinar is a great opportunity to learn about EEG-based Mobile Brain/Body Imaging, which is a useful clinical research tool for cognition, fall risk and mobility. It will be influential to research works that are focusing on measurements for cognition, mobility, and risks of falls.
  • Physical and Mental Wellness With Immersive Virtual Reality for the Aging Population
    With guest speaker, Veena Somareddy, BS,MA, CEO
    Covid-19 has impacted mental well-being and decreased physical activity, and heightened the feeling of isolation, especially for our seniors. This webinar will provide an overview of innovations in emerging technologies like virtual reality and AI that provide fun, engaging solutions and ways to motivate seniors to participate in physical and cognitive activities to improve cardiovascular efficiency and mental health.
  • Opportunities for Rehabilitation Researchers through PCORI 
    With guest speaker, Meghan Warren, PT, MPH, PhD
    Researchers interested in learning more about PCORI and the application process would benefit from this webinar. In addition to some process differences compared with NIH, PCORI also has a focus on comparative effectiveness research of interventions with known efficacy. Learning more about PCORI can help potential applicants be more competitive with funding. Additionally, Dr. Warren will briefly discuss other ways people can become involved with PCORI (e.g., Advisory Panels).
  • Exercise is Medicine for the Aging Brain (This webinar was not recorded.)
    With guest speaker, Patricia Heyn, PhD, FGSA, FACRM
  • Physical Activity Challenges & Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    With guest speaker, Cindy Lin, MD, FACSM