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Innovations in Aging Research Webinar


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EEG-tracked Gait Provides an Unprecedented Window in the Neurophysiology of Cognitive and Motor Aging

With Pierfilippo De Sanctis, MS, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

This webinar is a great opportunity to learn about EEG-based Mobile Brain/Body Imaging, which is a useful clinical research tool for cognition, fall risk and mobility. It will be influential to research works that are focusing on measurements for cognition, mobility, and risks of falls.


Upon completion of the webinar, learners will be able to:

  1. Understand how we can use virtual reality during treadmill walking to stimulate complexities of everyday walking
  2. Understand how EEG recordings during walking and standing can provide new insight into age-related differences in cortical control of gait and balance
  3. Understand how EEG-tracked gait may help to image dementia-related brain pathology


Dr. Pierfilippo De Sanctis is a cognitive neuroscientist with a research history in basic neurophysiology of geriatric, psychiatric, and neurological disorders. His interests are on tasks designed to measure interactions between sensory, motor, and cognitive functions while the subjects engage in complex real-world behaviours such as dual-task walking and gain initiation. His current focus is on the application of EEG-based Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) on synchronized recordings of gait kinematics and electro-cortical activity during treadmill walking. His goal is to establish MoBI as a clinical research tool to determine decline in cognition, mobility, and fall risk. Dr. De Sanctis is the current assistant professor of the Department of Pediatrics and Neurology of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is also the Project Director in Cognitive Aging of the Division of Cognitive and Motor Aging and Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory of Albert Einstein College of Medicine.