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    ACRM Family Tree of Communities


    “What does ACRM Mean to You?"

    Wayne Gordon, PhD, ABPP/Cn, FACRM
    Mount Sinai Brain Injury Research Center


    A primary driving force advancing the mission of ACRM is the dedicated volunteers working within ACRM committees and groups. Each interdisciplinary special interest and networking group is a unique community where like-minded, yet specialized health care and research colleagues network and collaborate to improve the lives of people living with disabling conditions.

    Independently, each group pursues their choice of projects and product development initiatives relative to their interests and expertise. Collectively they share a commitment to support the advancement of evidence-based practice, public funding of rehabilitation research, promotion of high-standards of rehabilitative care and favorable legislation and public policy.

    Most special interest and networking groups are comprised of task forces focused on specific topics or projects. As an ACRM member, you may join any existing task force or propose and lead the development of a brand new one.

    There is no better place to participate in a diverse community of your peers and be recognized for your contributions to rehabilitation medicine. All members are encouraged to join and participate in the groups and task forces committed to the issues they care about most. Contact the appropriate chair to get started.



    > Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG)
    Chair: Jennifer Bogner, PhD, ABPP-Rp, FACRM

    > Spinal Cord Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (SCI-ISIG)
    Chair: YuYing Chen, MD, PhD

    > Stroke Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (Stroke-ISIG)
    Chair: Pamela Roberts, PhD, OTR/L, SCFES, FAOTA, CPHQ, FACRM




    Cancer Rehabilitation Networking Group
    Co-Chair: Julie Silver, MD
    Co-Chair: Vish Raj, MD 

    Early Career Networking Group
    Chair: Megan Mitchell, PhD

    Geriatrics Rehabilitation Networking Group
    Chair: Thomas W. Buford, PhD

    Health Policy Networking Group
    Chair: Position OPEN — your help wanted! Inquire with Terri Compos

    International Networking Group
    Chair: Fofi Constantinidou, PhD, FACRM

    Measurement Networking Group
    Chair: Trudy Mallinson, PhD, OTR/L

    Military / Veterans Affairs Networking Group
    Co-Chair:  Risa Nakase-Richardson, PhD, FACRM
    Co-Chair: Joel D. Scholten, MD

    Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group
    Chair: Patricia Heyn, PhD, FACRM

    Neuroplasticity Networking Group
    Co-Chair: Theresa Pape, DrPH, MA, FACRM
    Co-Chair: Lynne Gauthier, PhD

    Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group
    Co-Chair: Angela Hein Ciccia, PhD, CCC-SLP
    Co-Chair: Cristina Sadowsky, MD

    Physicians and Clinicians Networking Group
    Chair: Joe Rosenthal, MD

    Technology Networking Group
    Co-Chair: Megan Mitchell, PhD
    Co-Chair: John Morris, PhD



    Get involved on the ground floor of these new ACRM groups now forming:

    Arts & Neuroscience Group
    Chair: Ron Hirschberg, MD

    Complementary, Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Group
    Chair: Sonya Kim, PhD, CRC, BCB

    Limb Restoration Rehabilitation Group
    Chair: Gerasimos Bastas, MD, PhD

    Pain Rehabilitation Group
    Co-Chair: Virgil Wittmer, PhD
    Co-Chair: LaDonna Saxon, PhD