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The ACRM International Networking Group (ING) is a community of rehabilitation professionals from around the world whose mission is to communicate and collaborate across international boundaries to advance rehabilitation research and evidence-based practice.

It fosters international collaborations among rehabilitation researchers, consumers, and providers through multi-site research; disseminates evidence-based practice recommendations through active participation in the ACRM Annual Conference; and develops educational materials.

The ING will serve as a catalyst for ACRM’s global growth and through its membership and activities will bring an international perspective on rehabilitation research, service delivery, and education. It builds on the ACRM commitment to interdisciplinary research that reaches across health conditions and the continuum of rehabilitation care.

International group


  • Facilitate international exposure of ACRM and international representation at the ACRM meetings
  • Serve as a liaison among discipline-specific ACRM communities as well as to communicate and collaborate across international boundaries to promote cultural sensitivity
  • Advance interdisciplinary rehabilitation research, promote capacity building and improve rehabilitation outcomes through evidence-based practice.


  • To foster international collaborations among rehabilitation researchers, consumers, and providers
  • To disseminate evidence-based practice recommendations through active participation in the ACRM Annual Conference
  • To develop educational materials
  • To increase outreach through the ING newsletter and website


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Contribute to ING Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

We live in unprecedented times. Never in our lifetime have citizens of all countries faced the same threat at the same time as we do today.

The disruption and effects are expected to be prolonged. Health care workers, including rehabilitation medicine personnel, despite their exhaustion and threats to their own health, continue to provide services to their patients who may be dealing with covid-19 complications on top of their rehabilitation needs.

Social-physical distancing creates isolation and exacerbates the frustration and worry whether one lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Turku, Finland or in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Patients around the world who are sick because of Covid-19 face panic, agony and pain and those with rehabilitation needs are battling twice as hard. Every single sector of the economy has been affected and millions of people are concerned about their livelihood during this time and also once this nightmare is over.

The International Networking Group has established an ad hoc working group to address some of the needs of the international rehabilitation community with the charge to work on the following two issues:

  1. Create a depository of helpful material and links relevant to the international community
  2. How do we address mental health needs in this time of crisis? There have been innovative approaches proposed and we can certainly learn from our Chinese colleagues. One idea is to organize a webinar on Mental health considering the following three groups of stakeholders:
    • Patients with covid 19 with or without rehabilitation needs
    • People living with the fear of the disease and experiencing the effects of social isolation
    • Health care providers who are in the front lines
We hope that some of you will be able to share your talents and knowledge in this difficult time. To participate, please fill out your name and contact information USING THIS LINK and we will get in touch on the next steps. Please respond by Monday, 6 April 2020. 

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JOIN BY PHONE: United States: +1. 646.749.3122
Access Code: 136-025-493

Contact the International Networking Group Chair, Fofi Constantinidou, or any Task Force chair to learn more about current projects and ways to get involved. Members meet monthly via teleconference to discuss their ongoing work. including:

  • New opportunities for research collaboration
  • Updates on current projects
  • Development of new dissemination products
  • International programming for the ACRM Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research

International group

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One of the most valuable benefits of ACRM membership is

 the opportunity to participate in the many interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG) and networking groups.

ING is ACRM’s Global Initiative. Join us for networking, career growth and mentoring opportunities!

Click the JOIN NOW button to learn more or contact Member Services at +1.703.435.5335 for personal assistance.



“How Does ACRM Help Internationally?”

Fofi Constantinidou, PhD CCC-SLP, FACRM
Center for Applied Neuroscience, University of Cyprus

Memories from past ACRM Conferences

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ACRM International Networking Group


Dr. Bernard Brucker

Bernard Brucker

Brucker International Symposium

Each year, the International Networking Group sponsors the Brucker International Symposium held during the ACRM Annual Conference. This signature event was established in 2008 in memory of Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Brucker, a long-standing ACRM member, who died unexpectedly that year. Originally established as a lecture luncheon, the event has become a popular ACRM tradition and continues today as a very special symposium. Learn More >>

2019 Brucker International Symposium


2018: Iracema Leroi, MD, FRCPC, MRCPSYCH, Ears, Eyes and Mind: The SENSE-Cog Project to Promote Well-Being for Elderly Europeans

2017: Maria Vlassopoulos, PhD, The Refugee Crisis in Greece and the Response of Mental Health Professional Community

2016: Stephanie Nixon, BA, BHSc, MSc, PhD, Global Health and 

Rehabilitation Research: What are the opportunities on the horizon?

2015:  Eli Vakil, PhD, Dissociation Between Memory Processes: The Contribution of Research on Memory Impairment Following Traumatic Brain Injury

2014:  Donald T. Stuss, PhD, C Psych, ABPP-CN, Completing the Circle between Science and Rehabilitation: The Ontario Brain Institute Story

2013:  Kathryn M. McPherson, RN, RM, DIP HV, BA (HONS), PhD, International Partnering in Research

2012:  Marcel Post, PhD, Need and Opportunities for Cross-Cultural Studies on Quality of Life in Rehabilitation Medicine

2011:  John Stone, PhD, Issues in International Collaboration in Rehabilitation Research


Poster Awards

The International Networking Group annually presents an award for the best international poster presented at the ACRM Annual Conference.

2018 International Networking Group Poster Award >>

2017 Poster Award Recipient: Feng-Hang Chang
Application of the Dual Panel Translation Approach to Adapt A Patient-reported Outcome Measure