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Measurement Forum Task Force


Mission: To promote sharing of knowledge on measurement topics among ACRM members


Allan Kozlowski, PhD, BSc (PT)

Allan Kozlowski, PhD, BSc (PT)


Director of Outcomes Research, John F. Butzer Center for Research & Innovation
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Michigan State University
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Andrew D. Delgado, PhD Candidate, MS

Andrew D. Delgado, PhD Candidate, MS


Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance
Icahn School of Medicine



Thank you for being a part of the M-ISIG Measurement Forum Task Force! We love that the ACRM attracts the most passionate interdisciplinary mix of rehabilitation pros from around the world. What an honor to collaborate with such driven individuals. We hope to meet with you at our upcoming networking group meeting to discuss current projects and opportunities for contribution and collaboration.

ACRM M-ISIG Measurement Forum Task Force Meeting


Join us to discuss the 2024 ACRM Annual Conference, Task Force updates, and new projects.


DATE: Contact Chair for meeting dates and times.


We hope to see you there!

2023 GOALS

  • M-ISIG Executive Committee feasibility test
  • Limited trial with M-ISIG Membership
  • ACRM-wide launch
  • Conference Symposium


  • Pilot test ACRM Membership System Blog Feature