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MNG Executive Committee

Chair: Trudy Mallinson

Chair-Elect: Noelle Carlozzi

Past Chair: Allen Heinemann

Secretary: Allan Kozlowski

Communications Officer: Jan Niemeier

Awards Officer: Jan Egil Nordvik


Task Force Chairs

Applied Cognition & TBI: Patricia Heyn

Applied Cognition & Geriatrics: Sandie Kletzel

NEW! Biometrics and Biomarkers: Jan Niemeier

NEW! Communications: Jan Niemeier, and Jen Weaver

NEW! Curriculum: Lauren Terhorst and Shannon Juengst

Early Career: Deepan Kamaraj and Jason Raad

NEW! Long-Term Assessment: Shannon Juengst

Rehabilitation Health Services Research: James Graham and Addie Middleton

NEW! Rehab Measures Database: Linda Ehrlich-Jones

Terminology: Allan Koszlowski

Please reach out to any of these individuals if you would like to join their task force, lead a task force or become an active networking group member.