Meet the Leadership & Participate

Meet the Leadership & Participate

  MNG Executive Committee Chair: Trudy Mallinson Chair-Elect: Noelle Carlozzi Past Chair: Allen Heinemann Secretary: Allan Kozlowski Communications Officer: Jan Niemeier Awards Officer: Jan Egil Nordvik   Task Force Chairs Applied Cognition & TBI: Patricia Heyn... read more

A Note From the Chair

  Measurement is at the heart and center of our Networking Group. It is an exciting time as we grow in members. With more members, our task forces continue to do great work! The Applied Cognition Task Force continues to move forward with systematic and scoping reviews... read more

Member Spotlight

  Tanja Laukkala I am a psychiatrist from Finland, working mainly with rehabilitative psychotherapy and other kinds of mental health rehabilitation in my country located between Sweden and Russia. I work for the Finnish Social Security Institution-Kela, which arranged... read more