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Depending on what medical career you are in and what state you live, there are a certain number of CEUs, or continuing education units you are required to complete to maintain your license. For example, if you’re an MD in California, you must earn 150 CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) every two years, or in Georgia, the licensing cycle is every two years and 40 CMEs are required. These can be fulfilled by completing courses or activities through medical education agencies, hospitals, or universities or nursing schools using DVD or web-based content or Process Improvement CME (PI-CME). There are various agencies in which different medical fields need to complete their CMEs through; CME for physicians is regulated by the ACCME, other agencies include the American Osteopathic Association, American Nurses Credentialing Center, Commission for Case Manager Certification, and more.

Continuing Ed

Completing courses can often be expensive and the credit system can be confusing. If you decide to participate in a seminar to earn credits, a one-day seminar will earn you .6 CEUs, and a five-day seminar will earn you 3 CEUs. One unit is earned when 10 hours of participation in seminars or conferences is completed. These credits will help you to take part in training that can further your career, gain additional responsibilities, and you will receive official confirmation that continuing education has been completed that can be shown to licensing boards and professional societies.

How Can ACRM Help?

ACRM, the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine wants the medical community to gain knowledge and experience in order to help improve patient’s lives who struggle with disability and who need help with rehabilitation. Our focus is on research and helping to prepare young professionals find mentors and resources to continue their education.

With a passion for continuing education, our 2017 conference in Atlanta gives early career medical professionals an opportunity to earn CME/CEU credits while meeting with and learn from their peers. ACRM is offering CME/CEUs for 15 disciplines:

  • Case Manager (CCMC)
  • Dieticians (CDR)
  • Disability Management Specialists (CDMS Commission)
  • Health Care Executives (ACHE)
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (NBCC)
  • RN/Rehab Nurses (ANCC)
  • Occupational Therapists (AOTA)
  • Physical Therapists (FSBPT)
  • Physicians (ACCME)
  • Physician Assistants (ACCME)
  • Psychologists (APA Division 22 Accreditation)
  • Rehabilitative Counselors (CRCC)
  • Social Workers (NASW)
  • Speech-Language Professionals (ASHA)
  • Texas Physical Therapists (Texas Physical Therapy Association).

Continuing EdWith the World Pass, ACRM’s price per credit is nearly three times cheaper than the average credit price, making gaining knowledge easier and more affordable.

The Core Pass includes:

  • Access to all sessions Wednesday through Saturday including symposia, features sessions, award lectures, and more.
  • ACRM community group meetings.
  • Full access to the ACRM EXPO, including a chat with the experts and product theater.

The Six-Day World Pass Includes the Core Pass, Plus:

Processing Fee

If you are joining the 2017 ACRM conference for continuing education credits, a $149 fee will cover all Core Conference credit hours. This is because not all disciplines require continuing education each year and we chose to not include the cost of continuing education processing into the Core Conference registration.

To earn your continuing education credits, participate in instruction courses, workshops, presentations, lectures, panel discussions and more. After the conference, you will be awarded certificates if you attend the conference, pay a processing fee, and complete an online session evaluation. By joining our conference, you have the opportunity to meet with peers and medical professionals who have years of experience, gain knowledge, and earn credits.

ACRM is excited for you to join our 2017 conference in Atlanta. We are passionate about rehabilitation research and helping young professionals meet with their peers and gain knowledge through related lectures, presentations, and discussions. We understand the importance of continuing education and are proud to be able to give young medical career professionals the opportunity to fulfill their credit requirements in a way that also allows them to meet and ask more experienced professionals questions. Get to know more about our conference here and register today for a week in Atlanta filled with educational opportunities.