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Standards Task Force


This task force was formed to review existing resources and recommend terms to standardize measurement terminology as it applies to rehabilitation research and practice.

Other groups have defined measurement standards, such as the COSMIN (COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement Instruments), and the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education, which jointly publish the Standard for Educational and Psychological Testing. However, these two resources define terms like validity in different ways, and neither has been reviewed for suitability for rehabilitation research and practice.

For instance, in defining validity, COSMIN uses a traditional definition of “the degree to which an HR-PRO instrument measures the construct(s) it purports to measure,” whereas the Standard for Educational and Psychological Testing uses the definition of “the degree to which accumulated evidence and theory support a specific interpretation of test scores for a given use of a test.

The Standards Task Force will compile and review a set of measurement terminology resources from a rehabilitation perspective, and make recommendations for a standard set of terms and definitions. Specific task force activities will be determined by the task force and could include a review of measurement term usage in rehabilitation journals.

If you are interested in joining the task force, contact the chair, Allan Kozlowski.



Thank you for being a part of the M-ISIG Standards Task Force! We love that the ACRM attracts the most passionate interdisciplinary mix of rehabilitation pros from around the world. What an honor to collaborate with such driven individuals. We hope to meet with you at our upcoming networking group meeting to discuss current projects and opportunities for contribution and collaboration.

ACRM M-ISIG Standards Task Force Meeting

Join us to discuss the 2024 ACRM Annual Conference, Task Force updates, and new projects.

Save the date! This group meets the first Monday of the month.


DATE: The First Monday of Each Month
TIME: 4:00 PM Eastern

Meeting ID: 859 2223 6228
Passcode: 566935

We hope to see you there!


Allan Kozlowski, PhD, BSc (PT)

Allan Kozlowski, PhD, BSc (PT)


Assistant Professor
Mary FreeBed Rehabilitation Hospital
Michigan State University

2024 GOALS

  •  M-ISIG Executive Committee Report review and revision
  • M-ISIG Membership review and revision
  • Manuscript preparation
  • 2024 Symposium on Proposed Measurement Validity Framework
  • 2024 Instructional Course on Applied Measurement for Clinicians, Educators, Students, and Administrators
  • Spring Meeting
  • Fall Conference


  • 2023 Symposium on Proposed Measurement Validity Framework
  • 2023 Instructional Course on Applied Measurement for Clinicians
  • Draft Validity Framework Report to be submitted to Executive Committee


  • 2022 Symposium on Proposed Measurement Validity Framework
  • 2022 Symposium on Stroke Prognosis


  • Glossary of Terms completed for Rasch Reporting Guidelines Task Force
  • Completed first phase review of selected validity frameworks
  • Presenting results in ACRM symposium


2021 – 2022 PLANS & PROJECTS

  • Complete second phase review of validity frameworks
  • Prepare and submit validity framework manuscript for peer review
  • Submit abstract for 2022 conference