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Rehab Measures Database Task Force



To develop and enhance RMD website content to aid rehabilitation clinicians’ understanding, selection, and utilization of standardized assessments.



  1. Identify additions or modifications to improve usefulness of RMD content.
  2. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and communication between rehabilitation researchers, educators, students, and clinicians to optimize utilization of standardized assessments.
  3. Educate and promote the RMD through participation in professional events, including publishing instrument tear sheets in Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.


If you are interested in joining this task force, please reach out to the chair, Allen Heinemann.


Allen W. Heinemann, PhD, ABPP (RP), FACRM

Allen W. Heinemann, PhD, ABPP (RP), FACRM

Professor, Northwestern University
Co-Editor-in-Chief, ACRM Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


  1. Addition of Clinical Practice Guidelines, CDE’s, and EDGE Group Recommendations to RMD website and Author Toolkit
  2. Initiated “RMD Measure of the Week” social media campaign to increase engagement on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  3. Collaborators in new disciplines (rehabilitation psychology, pediatrics)
  4. ACRM 2021 symposia
  5. Published instrument tear sheets in Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  6. Monthly RMD Task Force Meetings


2021 – 2022 PLANS & PROJECTS

  1. Collaborate with new graduate programs in various rehabilitation disciplines.
  2. Continue incorporating clinical practice guidelines and other professional recommendations into instrument summaries on RMD website.
  3. Update clinician and student educational modules on RMD website.
  4. Train and maintain student volunteers and collaborators to produce instrument summaries.