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Long-Term Community Measurement Task Force


The Long-Term Community Measurement Task Force focuses on improving long-term monitoring of community-dwelling individuals with acquired disabilities, through:

  1. Identification of the best methods and measures for long-term monitoring
  2. Improving the evaluation of validity and reliability of measurement tools used for long-term, repeated assessment
  3. Revealing critical gaps in research related to community-based measurement.

We are currently working on a project assessing current practice in rehabilitation for monitoring mental health and will be starting a new project in 2018 focused on the use of Ecological Momentary Assessment for community-based measurement in rehabilitation populations.

Please contact the chair for more details and get involved!



Shannon Juengst, PhD, CRC

Shannon Juengst, PhD, CRC


Assistant Professor
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


  • Published review of mHealth for patient reported outcomes (assessment) in acquired brain injury (ABI) review


2021 – 2022 PLANS & PROJECTS

  • Increase membership and determine next steps for this task force



  • Publishing our review paper