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Tuesday 5 NOV

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Health Services Research Networking Group Meeting (open for ALL to attend)
    Location: 4G, 4th Floor



Special Symposia >>


Critical Examination of the Rehabilitation Health Services Research Workforce >>

This symposium will discuss the current status of the ‘global’ health services research workforce and the rehabilitation health services research workforce, including both academic and non-academic researchers; discuss plausible next steps for enhancing the field’s contribution to health services and health policy decisions; and allow for audience participation during a question-and-answer session.

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National Survey of Children’s Health >>

Design and findings of the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs (NS-CSHCN).

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Variations on Patient-Centered Approaches to Community Reintegration: Meeting Individuals Where They Are >>

This presentation will provide researchers and clinicians with current information surrounding V/SM community reintegration. This presentation includes treatment implications and practice guidelines which may be beneficial to in-service provision and rehabilitation planning. Shared knowledge of rehabilitation needs and treatment interventions available may facilitate implementation of findings to provide more effective care for V/SM in the context of a chronic disease model and ultimately influence rehabilitation and reintegration outcomes.

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Instructional Courses >>


International Outcome Measurement Conference (IOMC 2019) >>

International Outcome Measurement Conference

IOMC 2019 is the sixth meeting of the International Outcome Measurement Conference, which has been held 5 times since 1996 and has been an important international event for researchers and health care practitioners who utilize the Rasch Model. Attendance at previous IOMCs has ranged from 50 to 90, from over 12 countries, and 10 rehabilitation/health care disciplines. The goal of IOMC has always been to Promote sound measurement practices in outcome measurement. The conference was founded in 1996 under the sponsorship of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. Marianjoy also sponsored the second IOMC in 1998. The third IOMC was sponsored by the University of Illinois Chicago in 2001. After a 14-year hiatus, IOMC 2015 was co-sponsored by the Journal of Applied Measurement and MetaMetrics. IOMC 2017 was a joint-effort with the Shirly Ryan AbilityLab and the Journal of Applied Measurement. IOMC 2019 again is a joint-effort with the Shirly Ryan AbilityLab and the Journal of Applied Measurement. Because many members of ACRM MNG also historically attend IOMC, aligning the two conferences maximizes reach and impact of the two organizations.

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IC 15: Get Your Paper Out! A Practical Course to Increase Your Academic Writing Productivity >>

Clinicians and academics need to publish their research findings in peer-reviewed journals but can often struggle with finding the time and the commitment to meet this responsibility. Unfortunately, there are few resources available related to writing productivity to support academic writers. The purpose of this half-day workshop is to demonstrate practical strategies to increase writing productivity. Using a combination of short presentations, discussion sessions, and writing practice, participants will identify and address their barriers to writing productivity, learn practical strategies, and join a community of academic writers in rehabilitation science.

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IC 21: ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) 1/2 day at ACRM >>

The “ASIA 1/2 at ACRM” course attempts to introduce and educate participants in:

1. Primary care services models that are suited and optimized for use in individuals with SCI related paralysis; educating healthcare providers familiar with individuals with SCI how to deploy the models to primary care providers delivering infrequent care to this population.
2. Assessing neurologic function utilizing the international standards for neurological classification of spinal cord injury (ISNCSCI), especially when confronted with challenging cases.
3. Becoming familiar with ASIA’s educational offerings through its eLearning Center.

The sessions are planned to be interactive and solicit audience feedback.

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ACRM 96th Annual Conference | Progress in Rehabilitation Research

CORE: 5 – 8 NOV 2019 // CHICAGO USA // PRE-CONFERENCE: 3 – 5 NOV 2019