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Dr. Joshua B. Cantor Scholar Award



Joshua B. Cantor

Joshua B. Cantor

The Cantor Scholar Award is presented by the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) to a BI-ISIG member in recognition of outstanding research that is judged to be a significant contribution to the field of brain injury rehabilitation.

The award is named in honor of Dr. Joshua B. Cantor, who was renowned for his research on the effects of cognitive fatigue, sleep deprivation, and exercise on various aspects of life after TBI. His work also included efforts to enhance cognition and reduce depression, primarily through problem-solving and emotion regulation training interventions. Dr. Cantor’s work was driven by his passion for developing and evaluating interventions that would give solace, meaning, and hope to individuals with TBI.



The BI-ISIG is pleased to honor Marc A. Silva, PhD with the 2023 Joshua B. Cantor Scholar Award. To be selected for the Cantor Award is to be recognized as a professional whose work embodies the spirit of Dr. Mollayeva endeavors and achievements, which aimed to provide solace, meaning, and hope to individuals with TBI. It is clear from Dr. Juengst’s body of work and her overall career accomplishments, that she shares this vision.



  • Demonstration of a solid contribution to the field of brain injury rehabilitation
  • Research demonstrates methodological soundness and/or creativity in research design or intervention content
  • All career levels are eligible (some preference given to mid-career)
  • Must be a BI-ISIG and ACRM member
  • Self-nominations are welcome


  • Letter of nomination outlining the nominee’s contribution(s)
  • Current curriculum vita (including nominee’s phone number and email address)
  • 1-2 representative publications
  • Nominations must include all required submission materials and be received no later than the annual deadline listed below
  • Please email all materials directly to the BI-ISIG Awards Officer, Dr. Tolu Oyesanya

Nominations Deadline: 17 February 2023



Dr. Joshua B. Cantor was a board-certified rehabilitation psychologist with a long history of clinical research in the area of traumatic brain injury. He had an unfailing commitment to improving the lives of people with brain injury and mentoring psychologists to do the same.



2022 Tatyana Mollayeva, PhD, MD, SCIENTIST
2021 Shannon Juengst, PhD, CRC
2020 Dawn Neumann, PhD, FACRM
2019 Noah D. Silverberg, PhD, ABPP-CN
2018 Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD
2017 Kristen Dams-O’Connor, PhD
2016 Stacy J. Suskauer, MD
2015 Teresa Ashman, PhD, FACRM
2014 Risa Nakase-Richardson, PhD, FACRM



A panel of three members of the BI-ISIG will evaluate the nominations. Nominees whose work best embodies or touches upon factors involved in recovery and/ or intervention of cognition, sleep, fatigue, exercise or emotional problems after traumatic brain injury will be judged more favorably than nominees whose work is unrelated to these issues. In addition to having a strong focus on improving the lives of people with traumatic brain injury, preference will also be given to nominees whose work exemplifies theoretical and methodological soundness or creativity. The award recipient will be announced at the annual BI-ISIG Summit and acknowledged at the Henry B. Betts Awards Gala during the ACRM Annual Conference.