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Consumers and Early career members of the ACRM Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG): We are listening to your concerns and know how difficult it may be to obtain travel funds for ACRM. Therefore, we are inviting you to apply for a travel scholarship to attend the ACRM Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hilton Atlanta – valued at $650!

The Executive Committee of the BI-ISIG is committed to supporting consumers and early career involvement in the BI-ISIG and its task forces. There are seven (7) productive BI-ISIG task forces from which to choose. Attending the Annual Conference and getting involved in task force work is a great way to get started. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, collaborate with experienced brain injury professionals, and advance your career!



THREE (3) SCHOLARSHIPS– valued at $650 each will be awarded to support travel to the ACRM Annual Conference in Atlanta! Self-nominations are welcome.

Nominations Due: 4 August 2017.


All nominees are required to:

  • Be current ACRM members (i.e., paid membership)
  • Be active BI-ISIG members who are early career members (within five years of completion of training, terminal degree OR postdoctoral fellowship, if applicable) OR consumers
  • Demonstrate active participation in one of the 7 BI-ISIG task forces prior to applying for the scholarship
  • Obtain endorsement from their BI-ISIG task force chair
  • Planning to attend the ACRM 2017 Annual Conference
  • Attend the BI-ISIG business meeting and the Task Force meeting at the Annual Conference.

*Both an endorsement from the nominee’s task force chair and specific information regarding their participation are required.

Each BI-ISIG Early Career Annual Conference scholarship recipient will receive a cash award of $650 to cover travel expenses to attend the Annual Conference.

Contact the BI-ISIG Early Career Officer Dr. Monique Pappadis for more information.


Joshua B. Cantor

Joshua B. Cantor


The Cantor Scholar Award is presented by the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) to a BI-ISIG member in recognition of outstanding research that is judged to be a significant contribution to the field of brain injury rehabilitation. The award is named in honor of Dr. Joshua B. Cantor, who was well known for his research on life after TBI.

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Anthony Lequerica

Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD
Senior Research Scientist and Neuropsychologist
Kessler Foundation

The BI-ISIG Executive Committee is pleased to recognize Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD, with the 2018 Dr. Joshua B. Cantor Scholar Award. This award was established in honor of Joshua Cantor, former ACRM and BI-ISIG member. To be selected for this award is to be recognized as a professional whose work embodies the spirit of Dr. Cantor’s endeavors and achievements, which aimed to provide solace, meaning, and hope to individuals with TBI. It is clear from Dr. Lequerica’s accomplishments and his body of work, including past collaborations with Dr. Cantor, that he shares this vision.

Dr. Lequerica currently holds a dual position at Kessler Foundation and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation as a Senior Research Scientist and Neuropsychologist where he continues to pursue his research interests in sleep/wake abnormalities after brain injury and provide neuropsychological services for individuals recovering from brain injury and other neurological conditions. Read More >>


BI-ISIG Poster Awards


Congratulations to the following winners of the BI-ISIG outstanding poster awards. These posters were presented during the ACRM 94th Annual Conference in Atlanta.

Early Career Award

This award is given to a researcher in the first 10 years of his or her career, who is first author of a poster in the area of brain injury exhibited at the annual conference and judged on its merits across several areas of topic relevance and importance, research methodology, coherence, writing quality, and overall presentation.

Racine BrownThe 2017 Early Career Award winner is:

Exploring the Association Between Sleep and BMI in Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury
First Author: Racine Marcus Brown, PhD
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital Center of Innovation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research

David Strauss Memorial Poster Award

This award was created in 2004 in honor of David Strauss, PhD, a long-term BI-ISIG member, nationally recognized for his humanistic interests, vision, and teaching in post-acute TBI topics. This award is given to the primary author of a poster presentation at the annual conference judged as best reflecting Dr. Strauss’s areas of interest.

The 2017 David Strauss Memorial Poster Award winner is:

Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety Disorders Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Retrospective Cohort Study
First Author: Richard Delmonico
Chief of Neuropsychology, Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center


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