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Health, Health Care & Participation Disparities Experienced by People with Chronic Disabilities


Lisa Iezzoni


Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Director, Mongan Institute Health Policy Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Joy Hammel, PhD, OTR/L, Professor & Endowed Chair, University of Illinois at Chicago, Departments of Occupational Therapy and Disability & Human Development Joint Doctoral Programs in Disability Studies and in Rehabilitation Sciences, Chicago, IL

Joy Hammel

Joy Hammel

Despite 26 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act, a growing body of research has documented disparities experienced by people with disabilities in everyday life and societal participation. Dr. Iezzoni will present national evidence on disparities in health and health care, and insights from qualitative research that highlights the perspectives of people with disabilities. Dr. Hammel will follow with evidence on disparities related to community living, social participation and work from national participatory action research. Both will point to promising practices and recommendations for rehabilitation professionals and research to recognize client-centeredness and collaboratively strategize environmental barriers to health and participation. Learn More >>



One-day registration includes full access to the ACRM EXPO, 9:15 AM – 3:15 PM, featuring industry leaders in rehabilitation products, technology, education and MORE. New in 2016, you’ll also find Chat with the Experts and Product Theater sessions in the EXPO hall, as well as the popular Poster Grand Rounds.

“Chat with the experts” up-close networking & exchanges at ACRM Conference

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“Chat with the Experts” is an exciting new series debuting at this year’s conference to connect you with the LEADING EXPERTS.  Today’s schedule includes:

Integrating Clinical Practice & Research #1139
EXPERTS: Jennifer Moore, George Hornby, Brad Kurowski

Federal Funding #1140
EXPERTS: Ralph Nitkin, Stuart W. Hoffman

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Merz North America, Inc. logoMERZ NORTH AMERICA, INC.
Merz North America will present an educational Product Theater on Upper Limb Spasticity Research with Xeomin® (incobotulinumtoxinA): What You Need to Know  via case-based scenarios #1148

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Join this moderated walking tour of selected award-winning posters displayed inside the EXPO hall. Poster authors will present the key points of their study and answer questions. Learn More >>



Get the ACRM Conference AppOn Thursday, choose from more than 60 symposia from 15 focus area tracks. Download the free Conference App to search symposia by title, ID#, presenter, track, day, or key word and read full descriptions including presenter details and more. Here are a few of today’s highlights …

  • ACRM / National Stroke Association Award for Excellence in Post-Acute Stroke Lecture: Transforming Rehabilitation Practices for Value Based Care and Impactful Research #22
    Presented by Awardee, Pamela Duncan
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Award Lecture: Long-Term Outcomes of Pediatric-Onset SCI #1004
    Presented by Awardee, Lawrence Vogel
  • NIDILRR-Sponsored ARRT Young Investigators Panel of Oral Presentations #1170
    Abbassi, Brassil, Childs, Rafferty, Robinson-Lane, Swartz


The Public Health Approach to Traumatic Brain Injury #146

Featuring: Juliet K. Haarbauer-Krupa, Jeneita Bell, Mathew Breiding and Lara Depadilla

Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa

Juliet Haarbauer Krupa


Jeneita Bell


Mathew Breiding

Lara Depadilla

Lara Depadilla

The public health model provides a framework for understanding a broader impact of TBI. This symposium will highlight key areas of focus at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to better describe the public health burden of TBI and to identify approaches to improve outcomes for those who experience TBI. Learn More >>


Daniel Corcos

Daniel Corcos

Exercise For the Elderly and People with Neurodegenerative
Disease #860

Featuring Daniel Corcos, PhD, Physical Therapy
and Human Movement Sciences at Northwestern University

It is now axiomatic that exercise is beneficial for everyone. For individuals experiencing physical and mental decline, as well as those suffering from neurodegenerative disease, exercise is considered medicine. This presentation will provide the general prescription for exercise, both for the elderly and those with neurodegenerative disease. The benefits of resistance training, endurance training and balance training will be outlined. The presentation will also discuss different approaches to working with the elderly. Finally the presentation will review recent studies on the benefits of exercise programs that target both the person being cared for and the caregiver. Learn More >>


Confronting Spirituality and Religious Issues Surrounding TBI Rehabilitation #857

Bill Gaventa

Bill Gaventa

Presenter: Bill Gaventa, Consultant, Trainer, and Coordinator of The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability  Moderator: Sunil Kothari, MD, MA.

Religious and spiritual beliefs are a significant part of many people’s lives. Whether explicitly professed or implicitly held, they form the framework of meaning through which most of us interpret important life events, including the onset of illness and disability. As such, spiritual and religious beliefs constitute an important part of the lived experience of rehabilitation for many patients with traumatic brain injury and families; for them, disability and its aftermath are not only clinical events but also life-changing experiences with deeply existential and spiritual implications. Learn More >>



Armin Curt

Armin Curt

Stem Cell Research in SCI: What You Need to Know

*Ticketed Event

with Guest Speaker, Armin Curt, Dr. med, FRCPC, from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Curt is a full professor for paraplegiology and chief consultant and director of the Spinal Cord Injury Center at Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich.

Translational research is inherently challenged to bridge the gap between preclinical research discoveries and how to embed such new knowledge into meaningful treatment concepts and eventually apply this in patients. The same is unquestionably true in spinal cord injury where specific challenges in the translation from bench to bed need to be considered. Translational research in human SCI considering the application of stem cells is not only challenged by principal ethical and epistemological considerations about the transplantation of “allogenic prospering cells” but also how to bridge the gap between preclinical models and traumatic human SCI. The lecture alludes to some considerations regarding stem cells as have been applied in the Hu-CNS CS trials in sub-acute thoracic and cervical human SCI as well as compared to similar clinical trials in the field. Learn More >>



Two important presentations with such wide appeal, they’re only opposed by each other.

Research Funding #865

With NCMRR Director, Alison Cernich; NIDILRR Director, John Tschida, CRMRP Director Teresa Brininger and Patricia Dorn, PhD, Department of Veterans Affairs

Every year there are changes in Washington that could affect your research agenda. Come and hear the latest from the directors of the top rehabilitation research funding agencies in the USA.

Steve Page“No other organization offers this rare opportunity to meet with and learn from the NCMRR Director about her vision for rehabilitation research. Like last year, this will be an extraordinary session.” —Stephen Page, OTR/L, PhD, MS, FAHA, FACRM, The Ohio State University

Art Kramer

Arthur Kramer

Fitness Training and the Brain #863

With Arthur F. Kramer, PhD, Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education and Professor of Psychology & Engineering at Northeastern University

This presentation will cover what we currently know from animal studies, epidemiological studies and human randomized controlled trials about the relationship between physical activity and exercise and cognitive and brain health across the lifespan. The presentation will also focus on gaps in our knowledge and how we might go about filling these knowledge gaps. Learn More >>



Need to know about cutting-edge research impacting today’s clinical practice? View more than 600 scientific posters on display today in Salon D from 9:15 AM – 3:15 PM.


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All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Meet the leadership of ACRM, discover ways to personally contribute to the advancement of the shared mission to IMPROVE LIVES. Led by ACRM President, Douglas Katz, MD, FACRM, FAAN, BostonUniversity School of Medicine, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital



*Ticketed Event (included in the WORLD PASS)

Beginning with cocktails and dinner, the Henry B. Betts Awards Gala celebrates recipients of this year’s prestigious ACRM awards, recognizing outstanding contributions to the field and service to ACRM.

2016 ACRM Award Recipients

  • Gold Key Award: Kenneth J. Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR
  • Distinguished Member Award: Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT, Reg. (Ont.), FACRM
  • John Stanley Coulter Award: Alan M. Jette, PT, PhD, MPH
  • Deborah L. Wilkerson Early Career Award: Yelena Goldin, PhD
  • Elizabeth and Stanley Licht Award: Ilona Rubi-Fessen, MSc, PhD
  • Edward Lowman Award: Allen W. Brown, MD
  • Mitchell Rosenthal Memorial Award: Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner, PhD, CBIST, FACRM

MOMENTA Dance Company to Perform at 2016 Henry B. Betts Awards Gala

MOMENTA is the resident dance company of the Academy of Movement and Music in Oak Park. Their physically integrated dance performance shows how people with and without disabilities can dance and move together in ways that are aesthetic and communicate what it is to be a human being. Read more >>


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