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ACRM Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) MEET US

The ACRM Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) members will gather in-person this year during the ACRM 99th Annual Conference in Chicago, 8-11 November 2022. Check back as the conference approaches to learn about scheduled BI-ISIG and BI-ISIG task force meetings and opportunities to participate.

Meanwhile, scroll down to review any upcoming virtual meetings scheduled for the BI-ISIG and it task forces and join us! The BI-ISIG welcomes your participation.



New Member Welcome

Welcome to ACRM’s Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG)! I had the pleasure of meeting many of you in Chicago during the BI-ISIG Meet and Greet or at other times during the conference. I hope that you felt welcomed, because you truly are!

The BI-ISIG is a vibrant community of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to producing and disseminating knowledge that will improve the lives of individuals with brain injury. Our community is unique in bringing together senior researchers and clinicians with mid-career and early career members to promote career growth and establish a lasting legacy of empirically-based brain injury rehabilitation. An internationally recognized cognitive rehabilitation manual and a tip card for primary care physicians about long-term effects of traumatic brain injury are just examples of the ways in which the BI-ISIG task forces are making a difference in treatment of individuals with brain injury.

With your registration for the 2022 ACRM conference, you already have a 6-month trial membership to the BI-ISIG. We would love for you to try out a task force (or 2 or 3) during the next few months, to learn you can share your talents and make lasting mentorship relationships and friendships. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you in finding a professional home within our BI-ISIG, or if I can answer any questions that you have.

To attend the meeting on

New BI-ISIG Member Welcome: Introducing & Engaging with the BI-ISIG Task Force Chairs

Date: Monday, March 6 at Time: 11:00 – 12:00 PM ET

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Meeting ID: 843 4432 7253 Passcode: 701284

Angelle Sander, Ph.D.
Chair, Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group



If you are not yet a member of the BI-ISIG and would like to learn more about the group, please contact BI-ISIG Chair, Dr. Tom Bergquist. CLICK HERE to join ACRM. If you are already an ACRM member and would like to participate in this ISIG, log into the ACRM Member Portal and select the BI-ISIG. Contact with any questions.