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You are More Influential Than You Ever Imagined

Think back. How did you learn about the very first ACRM Annual Conference you ever attended? According to a poll of 2014 attendees, you likely registered at the recommendation of a colleague.  Most conference newcomers did exactly that.

More than internet searches, print advertising, promotional eblasts, social media, or information posted on the ACRM websites, a referral from a trusted colleague, employer, or professor was the way most first-time attendees discovered the ACRM 92nd Annual Conference.

So the next time you meet a colleague in the elevator or the coffee shop, invite them to take advantage of a few upcoming opportunities with ACRM:

  1. Submit a proposal to present their research in Dallas, 25 – 30 October
  2. Visit the ACRM website to learn about NONSTOP content for 6 diagnostics
  3. Request an alert when registration opens (for BEST Early-Bird pricing!)

As a member of ACRM, you understand the tremendous networking and educational value the annual conference delivers. Help advance the ACRM mission to IMPROVE LIVES by encouraging your colleagues’ participation. You may be more influential than you ever imagined.


Special Thanks to These Outstanding ACRM Ambassadors

A special THANK YOU goes to these ACRM ambassadors named by 2014 survey respondents as the trusted colleague who referred them to the ACRM Annual Conference this year. Have you introduced your colleagues to ACRM yet?

  • Clare Guiffrida
  • Tom Tatlock
  • Chris MacDonell
  • Eric Wisotzky
  • Julie Silver
  • Michael O’Dell
  • Phil Morse
  • Beth Skidmore
  • Franco Carli
  • Tamara Bushnik
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Julie Gassaway
  • Sue Ann Sisto
  • Yaron Sacher
  • Nathan Zasler
  • Risa Richardson
  • Rolf Gainer
  • John Melvin
  • Ralph Marino
  • Elizabeth Hile
  • Wanda Bennett
  • Rita Gillis
  • Dawn Newmann
  • Virgil Wittmer
  • Ada Tang
  • Vu Nguyen
  • Flora Hammond
  • Jim Malec
  • Lance Trexler
  • Hans Diehl
  • Jon Lindberg
  • Jason Sisante
  • Yu-ying Chen
  • Lorraine Riche
  • Andy Hart
  • Geoff Fernie