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Networking is something that everyone who wants to pursue career goals and advancement is aware of. Across industries and fields, the more people you know the better chances you have of obtaining a recommendation, learning something new, and possibly the most important part, an opportunity of finding employment. The nursing field is no exception. Networking can sometimes be a cringe-worthy term, especially when considering that it can be construed as simply acting in self-interest, but when you look at the overall benefits, there are plenty of reasons why nurses everywhere should put networking on their to-do list.

ACRM is a leading rehabilitation research association with the goal of improving patients’ lives through sharing knowledge. ACRMs 2018 rehabilitation research conference will be held in Dallas and medical professionals across the board will be in attendance, from nurses to doctors to researchers. The information that will be shared and the people who will be sharing it gives all attendees an opportunity to network, including nurses who want to advance their career and improve how they perform their job.

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Reasons Nurses Should Network

Future Employment

Major universities, including Yale, Cornell, and UCLA, claim that 70 percent of jobs are found through networking. Nursing positions are just the same. There are many hospitals and healthcare organizations who have recruitment departments that heavily rely on employee referrals. If you’re a nurse who is looking for a position in a stroke department of a hospital, there may be only so many facilities that offer that position in your region, and therefore, a limited number of jobs available. In order to land your dream job without moving, it’s necessary to meet people who already work at the desired facility.

Career Advancement

When it comes down to it, career advancement is obtaining a job that is a step above the one you currently have, whether that’s a leadership role, or a more specific field (moving from a medical/surgical unit to the ICU, for example). The difference between a more advanced position and an entry-level position is that the employer will expect the transition to be seamless and there probably will be minimal training. Networking can make career advancement easier by gaining the necessary knowledge and skills that are needed from working directly with people who are in the desired position.

Provides Support Systems

As a nurse, you understand the physical and mental challenges of working in the industry. In such a stressful and demanding career, burnout and job dissatisfaction are real concerns. Networking allows you to find support systems that can provide an opportunity to vent frustrations with others in similar situations. Networking can bring you together with seasoned professionals who may have tips on how to manage the stress.

rehabilitation research

Trends and Advancements

With research, new technology, and advancements constantly being updated, the nursing industry is incredibly dynamic. Because nurses are the people who deal directly with patients, any changes in patient care must be learned as soon as possible. Being able to professionally network with people who are the first to know these types of changes gives you an edge in your workplace.

Come Network at ACRMs Rehabilitation Research Conference

Our Dallas rehabilitation research conference features the leading doctors, clinicians, and researchers who have new knowledge, methods, and technology to share. Presentations, training courses, early career development courses, chats with experts, and other opportunities make up this three-day conference.

With such experienced and knowledgeable attendees from around the world, this conference is the networking opportunity. One of ACRMs priorities to help educate and offer guidance to early career professionals. Starting out in the healthcare industry can be challenging and overwhelming, but with the right support and network of other seasoned professionals, you will have the tools to find your own way through the maze of opportunities.

rehabilitation research

A bonus of ARCM rehabilitation research conference is that we have members that represent various fields, including brain injury, cancer rehabilitation, limb restoration, pediatric rehabilitation, stroke, and many more. If you want to focus on any of these specialties or simply want to gain knowledge for general purposes, this is the place to be.

Meet nurses who are in the same position as you, who can offer guidance and support, and meet medical professionals who could some day offer you your dream job, all of it is possible at our conference in 2018.