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Greetings ING Members,

The International Networking Group continues to grow! Our Communication Officers, Eva Pettemeridou from Cyprus and Rozlie Townsend from Ohio, put together this Newsletter each year to educate readers about our worldwide outreach and involvement. Our members are from countries all over the world and together we work to spread our knowledge, curiosity and resources throughout the ever-evolving field of rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on promoting evidence-based research in health care. We encourage a holistic service delivery model, which is achievable by incorporating awareness and understanding based on diverse populations. Our task force members continue collaborating with professionals all over the world (e.g., *** in China).

Through this newsletter, we hope to encourage further international collaboration among professionals in the rehabilitation medicine profession. Our colleagues thrive on furthering their mindfulness regarding cultural differences and how they impact their role in the rehabilitation field. It is our goal to inspire you to become involved by way of the dedication and commitment of our colleagues, as demonstrated via our task forces’ initiatives.

Thank you to the Commission Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities International (CARF) for ensuring our quality of care meets internationally recognized standards.  Additionally, we would like to thank Fofi Constantinidou, Kristine Kingsley and Cindy Robinson for their constant efforts and consistent guidance in leading our International Networking Group. We encourage all members and prospective members to share your remarks, ideas, or concerns via email:

Respectfully submitted,

Rozlie TownsendRozlie Townsend, MA, CCC-SLP
ING Communications Officer
Speech Language Pathologist, Ohio Health
Ohio, USA


Eva PettemeridouEva Pettemeridou, MSc
ING Communications Officer
PhD student, Center for Applied Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus